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Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Sanjay Raut ruptures the hoopla created on Sushant’s death, urges people to have patience until investigation gets over

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Sanjay Raut Sushant SinghWhile speaking to Afternoon Voice, Sanjay Raut a Member of Parliament who is the associate editor of Saamana said, “I am writing from past fifteen years on various topics related to our nation and society, this is not the first time that I am writing something different, do I have the right to express? If I execute my right, why people should have a stomachache? Just because I punctured their propaganda and let them not succeed in their schema? Every story has two sides, if you rant 24/7 about only one side; people like me have to speak the other side too”.

He further stressed that the Mumbai police are skilled and they shall unveil the truth behind Sushant Singh Rajpoot’s death, all those questioning the state Government’s morality will get a chance to speak but they should show some patience for the investigations to be completed, and then indulge in the blame game.

Raut also quizzed the Bihar government’s move in the case and said, “Mumbai gave Sushant all the fame. He was a Mumbaikar. Why is Bihar so anxious?” This is just the politics of pressure under the ploy of CBI.” He said that despite the CBI probe, Mumbai Police will continue with its scrutiny. Bihar police and people are playing politics over Sushant’s death. They are using it as a campaign for approaching elections. They should stop capitalizing on someone’s death for their own gain.

Raut further stated that the Mumbai Police is probing the case thoroughly and said, “I request people not to make false comments and personal attacks on investigating authorities or political leaders. Mumbai police are considered as one of the highly dynamic police force in the world. They are our pride, and we have faith in them. The Maharashtra government is trying to do justice to these investigations but unfortunately, Sushant’s suicide is no longer a family matter but a national issue for Bihar elections and Maharashtra’s opposition leaders are exploiting it to their advantage. They want to malign the Maharashtra government’s image; they have no other agenda beyond this.”

When asked, how will you handle various allegations coming your way? Raut said, “Whosoever wants to make allegations, they can continue. We don’t think they have damaged us in anyways. Those making allegations have no basic credibility”.

Meanwhile, Sushant Singh Rajput’s family is bothered by recent comments made by MP Sanjay Raut, and they are planning to take legal action against him. To which Raut said, “They have every right to do what they want to, but I will decide what I have to do once I receive the legal notice. I am not threatened by such statements.”

BJP MLA and Sushant’s cousin, Neeraj Singh Bablu has said that the family expects a public apology from Raut. He called the allegations ‘completely baseless”. To which Sanjay Raut said, “What have I done wrong to render apologies to anyone”?

Another Bihar BJP leader Nikhil Anand went on to suggest that the CBI should subject and Aaditya Thackeray to narco-analysis. He also claimed that the evidence related to the case is being tampered with.

In reply, Raut said “these people are simply heating politics on Sushant’s death, which is really miserable. Such demands are nothing but an attempt to attack the integrity of an individual, I am not really taking them seriously.”

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