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Sasikala sets her second term in jail

In a dramatic turn around, the queen of AIADMK Sasikala’s rise and fall came rather abruptly as she is put under bars for the charges in the disproportionate case. She failed to become the next Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu by the court strictures but took a bold step of appointing her own CM and deputy General Secretary before embarking on the surrender trot to Bangalore. But as the things took a dramatic turn, she stops at the memorial of J. Jayalalithaa and banged the memorial floor three times in a heated step before proceeding. Perhaps, she was frustrated at the rise and fall within few days or she may have taken a wow that she will make a forceful comeback sooner or later. Tamil Nadu politics was in a turmoil for over a fortnight and Sasikala loyalist E.K. Palaniswami was sworn in as the Chief Minister the state. Governor made a clever move by keeping the options of O. Panneerselvam also but majority factor will play in the end as a trump card. Now there is end in sight for the political drama in Tamil Nadu.

Jayanthy S. Maniam 

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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