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Saudi woman drags husband to court for calling her cow, donkey

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A Saudi woman has dragged her husband to court for insulting her in public and calling her cow, donkey among other things.

‘Hey cow!’, ‘Hey donkey!’ and a third unmentionable word have been cited by the Saudi woman in the case document that she has brought before the criminal court, the Saudi Gazette reported. She has accused her husband of insulting her in public. According to the complaint, her husband made it a habit to humiliate her, the report said.

The woman has called for a discretionary penalty by the court against her husband, it said. The court decided to send a letter to the district chief to summon the husband before the court after two weeks.

This is in preparation for referring the case to the conciliation committee first in an attempt to melt the ice between the two and narrow the gap between their viewpoints, the report said.

Judicial sources were quoted as saying that the complaints about insults and racist expressions have increased in the criminal court recently. These form about 25 per cent of the cases received from the honour and morals circuit.

These differences can be settled outside the court, as they preoccupy the court with cases of less importance than those being looked into by the court, including cases for prisoners, detainees and big criminal cases as well as private rights, the report said.

These trivial cases reaching the courts increase the rift and increase the enmity between the parties to the case, it said.

The judicial sources said SMS messages, WhatsApp and other social networking websites have become tools for hurling insults, abuses and threats on others.

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