Saturday, June 12, 2021
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Save environment for a better future

The odd-even car rationing scheme is a gimmick and not a permanent solution to Delhi’s fog and smog woes for which the entire country is worried. It only increases car sales as the wealthy who own a car would now own more cars to beat the system. Weather in most metropolitan cities is deteriorating over the years and govt along with citizens are responsible for it. Most cities have turned into concrete jungles as trees make way for infrastructure luxuries at the cost of public health. Use of plastics too has adverse affect on environment as they are difficult to dispose causing harmful diseases among the people.

Electric cars and vehicle are the need of the hour and the transformation could be from petrol/diesel to CNG and ultimately to electric vehicles. Public transportation should be encouraged so that there are less private vehicles on road. Plant more trees and unplanned infrastructure needs to be discouraged which give us luxuries but at the expense of health. Chemical units too must be streamlined as today we are manufacturing deadly chemicals for global use when its production is banned in most developed nations. We should not be selfish and save environment for the future generation who would follow us in the times to come.

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