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Save planet earth-Part I

World Earth Day was celebrated on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. On the one end constant research and innovation makes it possible to produce various new products, but it is lagging behind in finding out ways and means to make environmental friendly products as wee se the amount of trash or waste generated by various products in increasing day by day and littering of the roads.

Earth’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it is the only planet to support life. A balanced environment on earth is what makes the survival of species possible. Modern man has made great development in the fields of science and technology. Today, he is all ready to settle a living community on Mars. So when even the planets of our solar system have not been able to escape the grasp of man’s advancing technology, can the environment on our own planet remain untouched?

It is said that trees are the pillars of life on earth. To purify air and help to maintain the ecological balance on earth the survival of trees is a must. Forests are our wealth and means to our progress and prosperity. Man has been mercilessly for wood, fodder and other domestic or industrial purposes cutting down trees. Deforestation also leads to pollution. Tees are being cut down to make space for cultivation and for constructing of houses or for establishing industries for enhancing job opportunities. As a result, our forests disappeared and the atmosphere which was quite clean and clear has now become land for agriculture, river valley projects, roadways, railways and other Industries. Cutting of trees leads to soil erosion which results in the formation of infertile wastelands on earth.

Trees maintain a balance in the ecosystem without them there would be no control over soil erosion, floods, droughts and pollution etc. The trees also maintain a balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide gases in the air. Besides these productive functions, trees have innumerable  productive functions. They provide man with timber, fuel, pulp, gum, resin, rubber, fruits, nuts etc. So, the trees are really very important. In a tropical country like India 1/3rd of the land is under forest and it is time to maintain the growth of trees and report the damages caused to the trees.

To fulfill greed and selfish desire, we have disturbed the ecological balance. Our body is made up of five elements fire, water, earth, air and ether. These elements constitute the universe. Unless we take due care and protect the environment, we will be threatening our own health. The process of cleanliness begins from within. The purity of the soul is reflected in the face, and purity of thought should be translated to purity of action. Ask what you can do before telling others what to do. Do not abuse the environment around you. It should be protected with great determination and perseverance.  This responsibility rests with each and every one of us.

All of us desire to live in conducive environment.  “Cleanliness brings happiness” says a proverb. If we keep our minds happy, our thoughts will be pure. Just as nature adapts itself according to the varying seasons, man must also learn to live in unison with nature.

(This is the first part of the article and the remaining portion will continue tomorrow)

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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