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SBI’s robbery plan

With effect from1st April ’17, India’s ‘biggest bank’ SBI has a nefarious plan to rob its nearly 31 crore customers of course, including the students, pensioners and senior citizens like me. All SBI savings account holders will have to keep minimum balance of 5000 rupees in their accounts. And in case the account holder fails to maintain this ‘minimum’ balance he/she will be ‘penalised’ severely. Banks have already started to rob of the public under the guise of an important step towards making India a cashless nation. All such charges are mainly meant to discourage people from using cash transactions, so that the bank employees with the heftiest salaries, bonus etc. will have minimum work. Is this not injustice being meted with crores of people? Is the SBI (mis)management not aware that more than 85 per cent of Indians are either poor or hail from the lower middle class? My age is 69 and I am a duped investor. I have not been refunded my investments nearly worth three lakh rupees by few companies. And for me, a retired senior citizen, three lakh rupees is not at all a small amount. Who will help me to get me back my hard earned money from these duping companies?


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