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School Boy Raped

The victim was being raped by five of his friends over the past one year.

A 16-year-old boy in Mumbai has alleged that 15 boys raped him over the past one year. A class 9 student, living in Andheri (west) filed a complaint and told the DN Nagar Police that he revealed it to a friend when he felt “unbearable pain” two days ago after the last assault on June 26. The Mumbai Police has registered a case against all 15 accused, all between 15 and 17 years. Seven accused have been detained so far. “The accused boys took the victim to a playground outside a municipal school in the area and raped him one by one,” said a police officer.

One year ago, a friend who was his neighbour first raped the boy. The alleged rapist shot a video of the act on his mobile and shared the clip with his other friends. “The victim was very scared and did not inform his family about the abuse,” said Police officer. The neighbour then started blackmailing the victim and forced him to have sex with others.

“Whenever I tried to resist, they would hit me,” the boy mentioned in his complaint. Finally the boy complained of terrible pain due to repeated sexual assault. A medical examination conducted at the Cooper Hospital confirmed the sexual assault.

After this report Afternoon Voice decided to probe this matter further. We spoke to many youngsters about the assault on boys in our society as they provided some shocking revelations

Mannat, a gay on the condition of anonymity said, “Sixteen is an awkward age for anyone, let alone those within the LGBT community. Having to deal with all the spots and hormones is hard enough without also having to come to terms with your sexuality. Many guys befriend a guy years older than them. They initially look and act like nice guys. But later on they get physical. This is where the molestation begins unknowingly.”

Dr. Swapna Patker: clinical psychologist said, “Psychological disturbance in children are causing such issues and they land up committing heinous crimes. It is high time that the society should take mental health issues seriously.”

She further added that, “The children who lack attention from the family usually refrain from expressing their problems with elders unless some casualty occurs.”

Hemant Darji: a student told this paper, “Some sexual assaults of men are actually forms of gay-bashing, motivated by fear and hatred of homosexuality. Most of the time being sexually assaulted may lead a gay man to believe he somehow “deserved it,” that he was “paying the price” for his sexual orientation. Unfortunately, this self-blame can be reinforced by the ignorance or intolerance of others who blame the victim by suggesting that a gay victim somehow provoked the assault or was less harmed by it because he was gay.”

Vikas Kumar: an IT professional said, “Every minute one gay is assaulted. Gay men may also hesitate to report a sexual assault due to fears of blame, disbelief or intolerance by police or medical personnel. As a result gay men may be deprived of legal protections and necessary medical care following an assault”. In above case the guy was tolerating assault for past one year; one can imagine why he was quiet.”

Pranam a make-up artist and gay said, “There are many apps like “1man – Indian gay dating”, the premier dating app for gays in India and for men interested in Indian gays. With such apps, you will be able to find and get in touch with thousands of like-minded males whether you are located in India, UK, US or elsewhere. There are many dating apps which are spoiling youth and luring them towards sex dates”. Many young guys fall trap for adventure but they land up getting molested.

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