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Scoring brownie points — SC Sabarimala Review

This decision to postpone the review to January 22, 2019, only shows how much the court is stubborn with the people and ignorant of the feelings generated. Don’t they understand that the main pilgrimage is just for a few days; almost four crores devotees will visit the place creating unnecessary conflict and heartburn. Are they waiting for a calamity to happen what with an agnostic state government and other political parties waiting to settle scores and gain brownie points? Now it is a thousand dollar question that creates a delay in decision making. Not sure of what is the use of such courts if it cannot solve problems in time but wait for problems to happen and then provide some armchair judgement.

The very same people who hailed the spirit of the Constitution on issues like triple talaq and uniform civil code turned hypocritical when it comes to their own nonsense traditional customs in Sabarimala. The court has made its verdict after 12 years of contemplation and the pro-ban arguments were not sensitive enough to prevail over the constitutional morality of gender equality. It is political opportunism or silly wishful thinking to think that the court would stay such a verdict. Indian people are too medieval to uphold a refined and progressive document such as our constitution. The SC has given a verdict on the basis of gender discrimination irrespective the interest of deity because it does not matter to the SC but here administration should have to ensure to get implemented by all means.

Indian Supreme Court instead of solving issues in the country, it creates more issues and problems and clashes. It is unnecessary that the judiciary to create more problems. It is unacceptable by a common man that the recent Sabarimala judgment. It is not necessary to study Law and to become a judge; it’s common sense to maintain harmony and amicability within and outside the cultural and religious section.

This is a very good decision by the Honourable Supreme Court. The temple is a private property and residential abode of the Hindu Deity. Nobody has the right to interfere with the system and traditions of the Hindus and Hindu deity. In the name of secularism and equally, all try to destroy the Hindus, the Hindu traditions and the Hindu institutions.

The delay will create another law and order mess and provide an opportunity for a few feminists to try and sneak into the temple only to insult the genuine devotees. But most Hindus are now awake to the intrusion of the judiciary in their religious affairs and will defend their culture with determination even if the case drags on for decades. It would be best if the government can introduce a suitable amendment to protect Hindu religious rights. Otherwise, the Supreme Court will erase the centuries-old culture of this country.

The decision of the Supreme Court on many occasions is based on individual judges fantastic feelings and imposed doctrine and not on sound legal provisions and hence its decision is disregarded and not respected. It is common that Judge’s personal comments are not to be appreciated in a democratic country like ours. The Supreme Court will give good judgment in future because our culture and traditional must safe court should not involve any culture.

It’s still a shame that we are fighting for the useless topics at the moment when so much is at stake. The honourable Supreme Court should take an iron hand so that equality should prevail in our society as guaranteed by our constitution. There shouldn’t be any second thoughts.

We personally feel everyone men or women of all age should be allowed in Sabarimala Temple. There was an old custom but there is change now. People have to accept that. As Hindus, we understand that the present situation in the words of Lord Krishna is acceptable if a practice is discriminating someone or causing troublesome section of people that practice must be stopped. Time will change everything. Change is constant. People have to embrace the change. Otherwise, they will be left out in society.


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