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Scott Disick: House Robbed While He Vacationed in Cannes

Like many celebs, Scott Disick hit the Cannes party circuit last week during the city’s renowned annual film festival.

Scott Disick-AV

But his return to the states was less than pleasant.

The reality star discovered his Hidden Hills home had been broken into, and many of his valuable watches stolen, reports TMZ.

The Lord is a collector of fine watches, which includes a Rolex valued at $32,000 and another timepiece worth $48,000.

While it absolutely sucks to be violated in such a manner, it’s tough to feel sorry for a dude whose watch costs more than your annual salary.

It is unclear how many watches were taken, but law enforcement says there were “multiples worth a significant amount of money.”

Police currently have no leads on who the thief is, but they suspect it was an inside job.

There were no signs of forced entry, and Scott is known to open his home up to friends for parties.

This is the second bit of bad news for Scott this week.

Earlier, he suffered a bout of public embarrassment after he botched a sponsored post on his Instagram page.

He carelessly copied and pasted the instructions for the post into the caption, which likely came in a text or e-mail along with his scripted endorsement of the product.

His friends at the Bootea shake company were likely not pleased.

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