Selfie can’t change nation’s fortunes


This morning is a new day for me not because I have returned from a battle acquiring a kingdom but because I saw a new change in the eyes of people. This species is rare butI am still happy to feel their presence. At least they don’t believe in selfie. It’s quite difficult to understand that selfie is productive and will contribute something towards the country’s economy. If it works then this would be first adopted by the West. Selfie is not going to change the mindset of these sick people. From 1.25 billion population we are so unlucky that we got only one face to express opinion in favour of the country. And actress Shruti Seth was right in describing selfie as an aspect which will not bring any kind of change. If netizens really respect the campaign called #selfie with daughter then they should not abuse Shruti. More than daughter she is a mother to a daughter and wife too.

Is this a civilized society which respects a woman by hate messages targeting her family members and a ‘Muslim’ husband? If this is the definition of civilization then being uncivilized is a better option. At least we will be together for food and survival. This shows their mentality towards the female gender. Every individual is busy in changing their lifestyle with time which is visible but no change is observed in their mindset.People’s mindset needs to be changed first.

On one hand, they are talking about respecting women and on the other side they are suddenly going off track. By this it’s almost clear that they even don’t have capability to understand their own campaign. Then how it will be possible for them to understand the need of people at the bottom of the pyramidwho don’t have front camera for clicking selfie?Another possibility is that they don’t want to show their real face which is slightly visible from the mask. This is not the first case but they always try to divert people’s mind from the real issue. If insulting a woman with hate messages is their power then shame on them. And shame on those people too who are getting good amount for performing this work. Most importantly these types of activities display our mentality on the international platform.

In this democratic country, where on one hand freedom of speech is respected and on the other hand we are suppressed to express our opinion.One should not be afraid of these cyber goons. This campaign won’t remove the misogyny. But Shruti, nation is proud of the courage displayed by you which will give a new hope to the senseless generation. You have compelled them to show their real face through a small message. At least this male dominated society will be ashamed.