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Selfish politicians and intemperate journalists

In the past few weeks, we have seen what kind of intemperate language was used by qualified journalists. I am not a qualified journalist and have never gone to Journalism school but will never use fowl language. Look into mischievous twinkle in the eye and twitching of his eyebrows of one such bespectacled journalist we see and read quite often. There is another journalist who perhaps got the job because he was found to be the only one capable of writing some Hindi. This is all obnoxious journalism, which we must avoid.

I had seen the picture of a young man sitting with starched “ kurta-pyjama” ready to utter the name of the important ministry that he intends to head. There are others who say, okay, if you don’t want to assign a good portfolio, give me a rich corporation. Without these benefits they cannot serve the state. As an MLA you will receive a lot of privileges and salary, why do you need more? Then, there is a big political party ending up saying, okay, I love you, I don’t want any specific ministry now but please take my support. “Ai door ke musafir, humko bhi saath lele re, hum reh gaye akele…”. And please don’t forget, they proclaim themselves as better champions of “ Hindutva” , much more than you and me. How awful?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have done a laudable job by disciplining such self-seekers. My good wishes are with the new Chief Minister who should try to take every one along but at the same time remaining firm on the exploiters. Let us not have Congress-NCP drama again as belatedly enunciated by Prithviraj Chavan. The roads in Mumbai are in a pathetic condition and are nowhere close to international standards. Garbage collection, segregation and effective disposal are an important task which must be undertaken on a priority basis. How bad it is to see garbage piled up around the famous civil hospital of Parel where reportedly, dengue mosquitos are breeding. Strict action must be taken against erring officers and juniors. Policemen must be prohibited from consuming alcohol at night. If any terrorism incident occurs in the night, half of our law enforcers will be found drunk. Azam Khan had issued this statement earlier by making a reference against the UP police.

Illegal Bangladeshis migrants must be traced and deported at the earliest in order to prevent infiltration. Fine must be imposed on persons who spit on roads and railway stations and those who fail to form a queue at bus stops. BEST employees are doing a good job. They should remain present at crowded locations to control the crowd. Let us start with the small and basic things first.

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