Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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Does Shastri deserve fat pay cheque?

Eight crore annual pay cheque to Ravi Shastri is a national waste as even the Prime Minister of our country who works 20-hours a day does not get compensated even 10 per cent of this staggering figure. One wonders what contribution can a coach like Shastri bring to the table when most of the current members of the Indian team have better statistics than him? Ravi has hand-picked Sanjay Bangar as his assistant who even struggled to play a few games for the country and we have hardly heard of Bharat Arun who is the bowling coach.
BCCI should spend money on young talent who are the future of our country than on coaches and support staff who are at the mercy of the captain and team going by their stature and records in international cricket which needs no coaching but just a mental tune up which can best be given by an psychologist. Also, we must have a common cricket Board for both our men and women’s team so that our talented Women’s team can be given all the encouragement they deserve. Also, coaches and cricketers remuneration should be fixed and enhancement bonus based so that good performance get rewarded which induces them to give off their best!

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