Sunday, June 20, 2021
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Short supply of vegetables

Unseasonal rains are the reason given for short supply of vegetables in the market. The short supply is due to the extensive damage caused by the rains in the fields. Demand for vegetables is more whereas supply of vegetables dwindles resulting in increase of prices of vegetables. Hoarding of vegetable items is the root cause for all the problems and there is no one to bell the cat and call a spade as spade. Usually, the vegetable prices come down drastically during the winter season. During October heat supply of vegetables dwindles creating a shortfall in the market. Thus, the prices are soaring and the common man will be wondering how to make up for the sudden spurt in vegetable prices. The Dearness Allowance has increased marginally and at the same time, the soaring time of vegetables vegetables is a cause of worry. Housewives are hard pressed to meet the both the ends and provide the best food items to their children. If the same condition persists for some more time then the situation will go from bad to worse. The middle income group will suffer and the lower income group and the people below the poverty line will perish now.

Anandambal Jayanthy

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