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Significance of Shradh Paksha

Shradh Paksha, Pitras, AmavasyaDuring this period, Hindus pay homage to their ancestors or Pitras. It is believed that during this time of the year, ancestors visit earth and bless their kin with prosperity. According to Vedic tradition, various customs, fast-festivals and traditions are seen in Sanatan Dharma. Hinduism has to complete sixteen rites from conception to death. Even after funeral, we have to carry out some actions or rites for the parents who have passed away. One of them is Shradh Karma. While Shradh Karma is performed on the Amavasya date of every month, but from the full moon of Bhadon month to the new moon of Ashwin month, we have been practicing this whole fortnightly Shraddha Karma (Pirtu Paksha) for years. In simple words we can say that in order to pay reverence to our ancestors, the law of Shraddha has been kept, which we are required to do with complete loyalty.

The greatness of Shraddha can be gauged from the fact that in almost all the mythological texts it is mentioned that we should give more importance to our ancestors worship than God or Goddess worship. Because if Pitars are happy then the Gods and Goddesses also accept our faith and loyalty. This is the reason that in our eternal religion and culture, the elders must try to provide peace to the living elders by honoring them and performing Shraddha Karmat.

According to the Brahma Purana, if the ancestors are not sacrificed after the whole law, then they do not get liberation, it is believed that by not doing so, their soul wanders after death.

As per astrology

There is also an astrological reason behind celebrating Pitru Paksha (Pitru Paksha 2019) or Shradh (2019). In astrology, Pitra-Dosh has been described as very influential. In this context, Jyotishacharya Shri Laxmikant says that you do some work with full devotion, honesty and dedication, do not take any kind of care, even after that you feel a failure or are constantly losing money, your illnesses. If you are not giving up the pursuit, there is not much promotion or salary increase in the job for a long time, then there is a lot of possibility that it may be due to paternal fault also. And it has often been seen that when a native of all four sides shields his ancestors and gives peace to his soul, then the vehicle of your success suddenly catches speed. Your stuck money starts coming. Therefore, to get rid of Pitradosh, for the peace of the fathers, we should follow every method and legislation with a sincere mind.

To perform Shradh

The month of Amavasya is fixed in advance for the Shraddh of the Pitars. On this day, there is a law of pinddaan or shraadh for the peace of ancestors on the banks of a river. But Pitrupaksha is considered the best time for Shraddh. It is to be noted here that it would be appropriate for the ancestors to have a puja or shraadh done by a qualified priest.

Now in the fortnight of Shraddha, on which date your ancestor or deceased family member has died. If you remember that date, then it should be done on the same date of Shraddha fortnight. If the exact date of death is not known, on the day of Ashwin Amavasya the body can be worshiped. That is why this day is also called Sarvapriti Amavasya. If the relative has suffered from premature death (accident, suicide, murder) then his / her shradh can be done on Chaturdashi. Apart from this, the date of Ashtami for father and Navami for mother is considered correct.

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