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Sunday, March 3, 2024
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The silent Hindu resurgence in Kerala

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Have you ever thought what the real target of Sangh Parivar is? We can see many states which the Parivar outfit BJP is being ruled for decades. Still they are in no mood to give it away at least for once or to give space for their political opponents in these states. Here to understand this, we will have to think beyond politics. We will have to understand the core ideology of the Sangh Parivar. And then we will understand the fact that the Sangh got bigger targets than mere political gains and that is establishment of The Akhand Hindu Rashtra. Even after having a central government with majority of its own and government in 19 states, establishing Akhand Hindu Rashtra, the ultimate goal of Sangh Parivar, still have miles to go. And they all are well aware of that. If anybody wants to know the reason for the good governance BJP doing in states which it uses to win for decades, then it is because of this bigger target. They know political power is so important to reach that target, so they do not want to let the ‘power’ go away from them and so they will try their best to govern their region to their best.

Kerala was the only state which always looked like the wall of Berlin for Hinduism to enter into politics. For Hinduism in the politics you have to first recognise concepts, rituals and philosophies of Hinduism within the society. Without doing the basic home work you can never expect to achieve the political or social goals. Kerala always stood away from the common mood of the Nation letting down the hopes of Saffron brigade to make a breakthrough in the state. Or we will have to say after P Parameswaran nobody did the essential home works to influence the consciousness of the Kerala society. P Parameswaran with his intellectual literature had made drastic changes in the society. His teachings and literatures on theology, philosophy, mythology and the Vedic yajna and rituals would inspire a whole generation. From the saffron brigade point of view there is still a void in the society after he stopped writing. But if we are closely watching the society, we can see a more polarised Kerala these days when compared to the same society a couple of years before. And we are decoding it.

A study done by a famous magazine in Kerala reveals the reason for concerns of parents in Kerala regarding their children has changed. Earlier the parents were more concerned about their children consuming liquor or smoking or using drugs etc. Now in the recent studies it is learnt that an Islam-o-phobia has grabbed the Kerala society and it is more visible in parents of teenagers and college students. Earlier, the parents during their clandestine checking of their children’s room feared to find some cigars or liquor bottles or books on sex. Now they are more concerned whether there are any Islamic literatures hidden within their cupboards. Couple of years before if a Hindu/Christian boy/girl walks inside with a Muslim friend, it would have been normal. But, nowadays things have changed and parents are closely monitoring their children’s friends in suspicion. What led to such a situation points out to one single campaign – Love Jihad’.

In 2007 Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) in Kerala had started a campaign against this through their sub-organisation Hindu Help Line’. It was through the efforts of the ‘Hindu Help Line’ leader Pratheesh Viswanath who took up this issue and brought it to the notice of the public in general. It is believed that initially there were not much takers for this theory of Hindu girls being targeted by Muslim youth being converted to Islam. So the first big target for Pratheesh was to convince his own leadership about this fact. He, who was very close with late Ashok Singhal and VHP International Working President Dr Pravin Togadia, first convinced them with some facts and figures of such post marital religious conversions. Then he was provided an opportunity to present this topic before Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) top leadership. Pratheesh, who is an advocate by profession, successfully convinced all the RSS National leaders about this issue. Then he was assigned to take seminars across the community leaders and Muzaffarnagar was an outcome of that! The reason for riots in Muzaffarnagar is nothing other than the ‘Love Jihad’ issue. The Jatt leaders of Western Uttar Pradesh were also included in the many community leaders who attended the seminars of ‘Hindu Help Line’.  The Hindu communities behind the riots were the Jatts and bearing in mind that the Jatts were a section of community which were never ready to come under the saffron clad even during Ram Janmabhoomi issue. It is learnt that Mr Pratheesh Viswanath was the person who made presentations before the Jatt leaders about how their daughters and sisters were being taken away by the Muslim boys with facts and figures. BJP’s success graph run in Uttar Pradesh owes a lot to that issue too.

The same is happening in Kerala. But only undercurrents are to be seen. In a society like Uttar Pradesh which was already highly polarised with such lectures or tutors can incite riots. Kerala is believed to be a highly secular state. So the polarised face of the society it will take some time to be visible. But the strong under currents are there. The above mentioned parents are the undercurrents which are flowing in the society. If such gestures were shown only by Christian community then we could have ignored it. Because the Christian community is a sematic cult which has one spiritual god father for even the macro sections and so they are organised. Hence they are organised and an agenda is easy to be implemented in them by Church. But the Hindus are showing the reflections of a polarized society without any guidance or instruction from any spiritual god fathers. Before it was only shown by parents of teenage girls. But now it is also shown by parents of boys. The news of love jihad, religious conversions and ISIS recruitments are frightening the society and even Hindus and Christians has developed a fear to make friends with Muslims. An Islam-o-phobia has slowly grabbed the society.

We went to the ‘Hindu Help Line’ itself which is led by Pratheesh Viswanath seeking the facts of the campaign they run. ‘Hindu Help Line’ is a call centre which is ready to serve the Hindus 24X7. It is a team constituting from intellectuals to auto drivers. According to them they have data of 4000 plus habeas corpus filed in the High Court through them by parents of Hindu girls who have been ‘trapped’ in ‘love jihad’. They used to receive hundreds of calls per month. ‘Hindu Help Line’ has a sub-wing called ‘Hindu Advocate Forum’ which helps to fight such cases legally. They also got service platforms like India Health Line’ which has hundreds of doctors under them who are ready to give free consultation for poor Hindus. Ek Mutti Anaaj’ is another basic initiative which ensures no Hindus will be left out hungry. Through Blood 4 India’ application they have identified a group who is ready to donate blood. Recently they have launched another project called Sanjeevani through which free life supporting medicines are given to poor. All these services are given only to Hindus. And shockingly the organisation can provide the large number of people availing these facilities. Many doctors, advocates, engineers have voluntarily come forward to provide free service. This is another evident example of Kerala society slowly changing from its secular nature and getting polarized.

Pratheesh Viswanath and ‘Hindu Help Line’ have contributed much more to the cause of ‘Hinduism’ than what we see. Many top brass officials, cultural and social group leaders are his close allies. He has really inspired and encouraged many of them to come out in the open. The recent controversial statements of T.P. Senkumar the retired Kerala DGP about Muslim population growth in Kerala, the recent communal stands of SNDP General Secretary Vellapally Natesan etc.. are all reflections of the high profile relations Pratheesh keeps.

If we understand the Kerala Hindu society well, we can clearly learn that their prime importance is their personal and family comfort. They will react only when something has really touched them or their family in person. And now the Kerala Hindu has realized that Love Jihad’ is one thing that can touch their family and can take away her daughters or sisters.

The conversion factors inspired by Zakir Naik, the Indian Islamic preacher and the founder and president of the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF), is enough powerful to take away his son from him to killing fields of Syria. Now he is really frightened. He is a more alert person now. He will smile before his Muslim friends but he will watch his ‘friend’ only with suspicion.

Kerala is now a silently polarised society and the silent Hindu resurgence is visible. The ‘Hindu Help Line’ will not be limited only in Kerala. Pratheesh Viswanath is busy meeting the community leaders in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh too.

Ashok Anchan

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  1. Something written without proper research , based on whims and fancies of a writer. I am a keralte with two kids. I am am still worried abt drugs, alcohol and cigarettes and not what they read or follow. And I would love them to read Bible, Gita , and Quran. By the way Iam a Hindu in Kerala, and not a Pakistani.

  2. Great, if you read Bible, Gita and Quran as a story book and for entertainment, then its fine. But, if you start digging deeper onto them, then find contradictions among the teachings of these three religions and then you need to choose a side. In other word, you have to give up secularism and convert to one of these conflict ideologies. Therefore, such secularism is a romantic form of avoiding the reality of knowing the truth! Btw, only foolish Hindus romanticize other religions before reading their own scriptures, while all other religions of the world including Buddhism will deny even the validity of other religions.

  3. This should have happened a long ago.the political parties ruling kerala both communist and congress ar secular .ie when muslim and christians r affected.they polarize hindu society based on cast which r banished from our siciety but still live inside us hindus.unless we banish this within us and see all hinuds as our own ,can we the most populated hindu community even think of equality among other community in kerala.

  4. This is too late , but happy it started , for survival of Hindus and our children it has to be done , We keralites were more liberal and more tolerant than many other states , and we paid a price , Though there are few negatives in Hinduism, this is the Worlds MOST VALUABLE RELIGION, in terms of its Depth and spread , and freedom to thinking. SO IT HAS TO BE TAUGHT TO NEW GENERATION in a BIG WAY ,

  5. You are unaware of many happening in Muslim community , where Radicals are planning to wipe off Hindus with political/religious /and finance Tools and huge funds are flowing in from Middle East,some of the MUSLIM VEDIO clips will send chills in brain and cause sleepless nights , The harmony we see on surface is very very THIN , be alert ?

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