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“Sky is the limit for India-Israel ties”

The visit of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in India is symbolically significant. The Israeli ambassador Daniel Carmon has rightly commented that “The PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to India is the grand finale to the celebrations of 25 years of growing partnership between India and Israel.”

The Israel PM seem to be quite serious about keeping relationship with India, which is good for our country. The visit will see the partnership being upgraded to a “Strategic Partnership” on issues like water, agriculture, science, technology, and space. Netanyahu’s visit to India is historic and special. During the Cold War, India didn’t have open relations with Israel, leaning heavily in favour of the Palestinians. But over the last 25 years, ties between the two countries have warmed. In the past year, the importance of the Jews of India and Indian Jews living in Israel has surged. Modi has made the Indian diaspora a priority, organising rallies throughout the world to support his ideology.

Netanyahu has rightly tweeted, “My first visit to India, a world power that is strengthening its relations with Israel. I am excited about this historic week that will further strengthen Israel’s international standing.” His visit is an opportunity to enhance cooperation with a global economic, security, technology and tourism power.

India-Israeli relations have turned more intense and demonstrative ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power in May 2014. Despite there being no formal relations, Israel provided India with crucial intelligence information during several wars. The bonding between the two PMs, Modi and Netanyahu, will really perform as a catalyst in forging stronger ties between the two nations. If we look at the history of India-Israel ties and a commitment for the strong and visionary leadership by both sides, there are fair chances that Netanyahu’s visit will only further strengthen the already robust relationship. Israel can be the most reliable ally of India. Israel has always supported India and it’ll be good for us the sooner we realise that, we know some infidels in India don’t like Israel but its times to get over them.

India already has robust defence ties with Israel; this is expected to strengthen further. Indians crave Israeli technology and Israelis crave Indian markets. It’s high time that we should take the things to next level with Israel and they are the reliable partners whom India can trust upon in times when we are in distress. India and Israel need to cement their ties on security fight against terrorism, development and agriculture as well technology.

There is enough content in the India-Israel relationship though successful summitry depends on personal chemistry between leaders. According to a report in The Jerusalem Post then, Netanyahu had told Modi that “sky is the limit” for relations between the two countries. Israeli PM is accompanied on his visit to India by a large delegation drawn from the defence, cyber, and agricultural sectors; he intends to boost trade, investment, and tourism between the two nations. The future of the relationship and much of the present of the relationship lies in development, which includes agriculture, water, innovation, science and technology. Trade, technology and tourism would be the three key areas in India-Israel economic relations in times to come. There is no doubt that the relationship will stay on track and will turn into success. The strong relationship with Israel will help India in many ways and it will prove to be a significant landmark in India-Israel relations.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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