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Slow paced justice delivery system

Abu Salem’s marriage news has given us something to cheer and a hilarious topic for discussion. It can be turned into the script for a Bollywood film. Salem nonetheless has denied that he has got married in the train. Police have ordered for a probe into this matter for ascertaining the truth. Our snail-paced Indian justice delivery system is so ineffective that you can enjoy life while going through the litigation procedures. There is no need to escape, you can have a fuller life in this manner. A situation which is prevalent in our country is that if you have the backing of a loyal gang of hundred people, you can twist, turn and violate the law. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal broke the law and no action has been taken against him. Same is the case with Bharti.

What can the poor policemen do? They are always busy providing security to our politicians. Why the former President Pratibha Patil should be provided top-notch security? The common man is fed up and angry with the Congress due to these reasons. Do you know why the Congress is supporting AAP? The party is aware that it will lose and hence is trying to take steps to prevent Modi from becoming prime minister. Even if Modi becomes PM they will have an alliance with AAP to make life difficult for him. After elections, most of the parties will desert Congress.

On the other hand, the CPI and CPM has failed to challenge the Congress. At last they found a “comrade” in Jayalalithaa. Why they have made an ideological compromise? The CPM is aware that they cannot win in the north and east hence they are trying to form alliance in south. Prakash Karat thinks that he will teach Madame a lesson in simple living, shunning wealth and property? What a day dreaming. It is a pity no strong leaders have emerged from Tamil Nadu. The AIADMK should have formed an alliance with the BJP. Indian communists are no communists, they are trouble makers. Remember how many hardships they created for Manmohan Singh by opposing the nuclear deal? We want electric power but we do not want to develop nuclear power plants, off shore wind farms, solar power and not even thermal and hydro power plants. Such acts will only prove to be a hindrance for electricity generation. Electricity boards have to incur huge losses due to electricity theft.

Adequate training is not provided to the engineers of state electricity boards. We were taught Buchol’s relay and cable joining by Bhupal Singh at Sarojininagar training centre in Lucknow. to State electricity board engineers should be provided exhaustive on the job training. They say in Western UP, “Bin padhya jat padhya sa, padhya jat khuda sa”. Let us see if Dr Satyapal Singh lives up to this saying as Ajit Singh did not. During those days the villagers will inform errant officers, “If you don’t listen, I will go to Chaudhary Charan Singh.

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