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Friday, September 22, 2023
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Social media and WhatsApp groups arranging jazzy gatherings

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Bungalow, Rent, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Karjat, Lonavala, Rent, Farm HouseOutskirts of Mumbai such as Wada, Lonavala, and Karjat are hubs of private bungalows and resorts. After the long lockdown now, these bungalows are seeing overflow in bookings. When we spoke to an arranger Ganesh Appa from Karjat he told us “The booking is taken by the landlord, we are here to maintain the Bungalow and arrange food, liquor, and food”. Since the last three months, many families have come and stayed here, we don’t know how they managed to travel. But these days it’s the young crowd that comes for the party, mostly on short stay”. We have bookings back to back”.

Despite restrictions on assembly, there are many WhatsApp groups and social media private pages arranging such parties, and word of mouth the circulation goes around. Such party events are on the rise.

When we asked Tanya (18-year-old College student) who received an invite from WhatsApp, did they find such parties safe? She said, “No one is bothered about safety, what we all needed was some change”. Four months is a very long period to be caged and remain without friends”. How long can one chat or hangout? My friend received invite on WhatsApp group, he told us and we all joined the group on the invite”

Traveling was not difficult?

“There was no restriction on traveling as such and we did not travel in groups. We all went in our own cars and our location does not fall under tourist place, it was a private bungalow, maybe that is the reason no one stopped us”.

How many people were in the Party?

Almost 15 to 20, our group was 8 people.

Party as in?

Chatting, playing indoor games, booze, and fag, we just wanted to be together for some time.

One of the Booking agents told Afternoon Voice “there are many people in Mumbai who make extra income renting out their properties in outskirts, for four months even their income from these properties have come to the scratch. Now they are giving booking, as lockdown is relaxed”. Some owners are taking every safety line. Participants are asked to verify his/her health conditions by providing a doctor’s certificate, mentioning no fever infection.”

Recently the Members of posh Mahalaxmi high-rise in the dock after people found smoking, gambling, and playing loud music. The Agripada police have booked 12 people for violating lockdown guidelines and organising a party at the refuge area of a high-rise in Mahalaxmi after a resident filed a complaint with them. An FIR has been registered in the matter. The building secretary Sandeep Gadodia, chairman Tinu Advani and others were members of this committee. The committee had formed guidelines that more than two people would not be allowed to assemble at one place within the society premises. Following this, she approached the Agripada police. On being contacted, society secretary Sandeep Gadodia said, “We will speak to the complainant. I am not aware of the FIR, as nobody contacted me from the police station.”

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