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Social media can get dangerous, says Shay Mitchell

“Pretty Little Liars” start Shay Mitchell says social media can be ”dangerous” if people start believing that it is “realistic”.

The actor says for her platforms like Instagram are nothing more than a “highlight reel”.

“I think we all have to realise and recognise the fact that Instagram and social media in general is, a majority of the time, our highlight reel – it’s certainly my highlight reel. That’s not my everyday life. Now, are those real life moments? Yes, absolutely. But are they heightened? Have those photos been taken 5,000 times to get the right angle? Do I have makeup, lighting? One hundred percent.

”It can get really dangerous if you start to believe that social media is realistic. If you can go into it knowing there’s filters behind each and every one of those photos, or this is a photo that was professionally shot, then I feel like it allows yourself to be less harsh on your own photos. Everybody’s life in general isn’t maybe always what it seems,” Mitchell, 31, told InStyle magazine.

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