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Sridevi’s shocking demise – warning for glam industry

The tragic death of Bollywood veteran actress Sridevi only highlights about the manner how celebrities compromise on their health to look good by going under the knife. This incident brings to light the darker side of the tinsel town where actresses are always under pressure to look picture-perfect. While many actresses are opting for cosmetic surgery to resolve their aging woes, they fail to realise that it comes with its own share of side effects too. Several actresses have gone under the knife to enhance their beauty but very few cosmetic surgeries have become successful as some of them end up looking ugly after the procedure.

Cosmetologist Dr Madhuri expressed that cosmetic surgery might enhance one’s beauty but it has its side effects too. She said, “If something is taking its toll on your body, it should not be undertaken. Whenever some patients approach me for treatment, I also make them aware about its side-effects too.”

When asked about celebrities’ obsession with cosmetic surgeries despite being aware about its side effects she replied, “Celebrities are more concerned about earning money. They might be seeking right advice from doctors. Anaesthesia, if taken in a less quantity for multiple operations, is not harmful. Everything has its own measurement, accuracy and doses but if it is overdone then it may prove extremely harmful for one’s health,” she added.

Cosmetic surgeries like nose jobs, lip fillers, and botox, have become immensely popular among celebrities today. A comparison of actresses’ photo before and after the surgery clearly shows how some of them look worse after the treatment as they end up regretting their plastic surgery decisions. As a result of this, people are blindly emulating celebrities and are undergoing cosmetic surgery and botox treatment. Many of them are willing to pay lump sum amount for carrying out surgeries without understanding its repercussions.

Marathi actress Samidha Guru said that she would prefer ageing gracefully instead of adopting artificial procedures. She said, “When people undergo hormonal therapy or botox, it affects their health without them being aware of it. It is like a slow poisoning and works like that.”

Samidha added that she has seen several people going on diet, steroid therapy just to look young. “I think you should be young from your heart and if you are looking younger on your skin your heart is bound to fail. People should eat healthy food and exercise. They should love themselves the way they are,” she added.

Some actresses follow artificial weight loss programmes where they shed excessive amount of fat within few weeks which can prove detrimental to their health. They adopt a strict diet regime for maintaining their hourglass figure while some others consume pills to increase their hip to waist ratio. Instead of feeling good about their body many of them have low self-esteem and always compare themselves to their peers having better bodies. Many of them remain unsatisfied with their looks after carrying out surgery and may have to take additional treatment and medications.

Artuha Bakshi, a Mumbai University Sociology student said, “It’s really shocking and hard to believe that our favourite diva Sridevi is no more. She went on adding, “But, her death arises one big hidden concern of the glamour world and that’s the desire to be perfectly beautiful all age long. This is high time we women and girls look at ourselves differently and be comfortable in our own skin and self.”

“One of the continuous pressures, while we live in a patriarchal society, is that we women are expected to look beautiful everyday which leads many of us to go for facial surgeries or taking medications to keep our beauty in line. We must look at this from a different perspective and understand the societal pressure about how women are portrayed in magazines, pop culture and how that influences us,” she expressed.

Actresses are given some form of anaesthesia in order to relieve pain while carrying out the surgery. However anaesthesia can sometimes lead to complications which include stroke, lung infections, heart attacks and death.

Madhav Maheshwari, a Mumbai resident working with an organic aromatherapy brand said that the portrayal of beauty and fitness on screen in glamour industry is far from reality. “It sets unrealistic expectations among youth, for whom these stars are role models. They want toned body, ever glowing skin, perfect hair, sharp jawline, perfect white teeth and what not without realising a lot of it has to do with makeup and presentation on screen,” he said.

“In case of fitness as well, focus is on outcome rather than the regime to follow and that’s too in minimum possible time that makes them vulnerable to short cuts like body supplements/ drugs/ steroids etc. which is not healthy and unsupervised,” he added.

The negative effects of plastic surgery include blood clots, scarring, implant rejection, nerve damage and pigmentation. Some blood loss occurs while carrying out surgery but uncontrolled blood loss may result into drop in blood pressure. Excessive amount of blood loss can lead to organ failure or even death.

Smita Gupta, a HR professional from Mumbai said, there is nothing wrong with the desire to make yourself beautiful or wanting to feel better about yourself. “However, nowadays people have gone far in this race of looking better and have become addicted to cosmetic surgeries and body part alterations to look better and younger which involve usage of chemicals that are unsuitable for their body. They are ready to take risk of all the complications for the same but risking your own life to look younger and better shouldn’t be a right choice,” she added.

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