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Stay Calm and Shut Out all Rumours

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Maharashtra government has called for complete lock down, as the total number of Coronavirus cases in India rose to 467 on Monday after 30 fresh cases were reported, according to Health Ministry data. The figure includes 41 foreign nationals and the nine deaths reported so far. The 467 figures also include 24 people who have been cured, discharged or migrated, it said. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) said 18,383 samples have been tested till 10 am on Monday. Maharashtra is worst hit with 97 confirmed cases.

Kerala has the second highest number of cases at 91. COVID-19 has so far claimed two lives in Maharashtra. Delhi has reported 30 positive cases, while Uttar Pradesh records 25 cases. We asked civil society people, what have they learned from this Pandemic, many of them shared their experience with us to help our readers to understand various aspects and opinions of people.

Siddhant Mohite, President for OYE – Organization for Youth and Elderly said, “The WHO has declared Novel Coronavirus as a pandemic and we need to take this very seriously. This is not like any other virus, it is more lethal and severe. As said by our health practitioners, we should stay home and practice social distancing for everyone’s betterment. We will have to fight this together!”

The government is taking strict measures to stem the spread of the deadly Coronavirus, which has killed seven people. Gujarat, Bihar and Maharashtra reported a death each on Sunday, while four deaths were earlier reported from Karnataka, Delhi, Maharashtra and Punjab, the Health Ministry said. Seventy-five cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bengaluru went into complete lockdown till 31 March. Trains, metros and inter-state buses have been shut from Monday, only essential services like milk, vegetables, medicines, grocery and ATMs will be available during the shutdown.

Shishir Sharma Bollywood Actor told Afternoon Voice, “The first and foremost was to understand the extent of what this virus can cause. The term Pandemic virtually created a panic amongst the people of the world. Rumours were floating which created even more panic. The lesson learnt from this is to stay calm and shut out all rumours. It’s an unfortunate phenomenon that has hit the world. Stay calm, safe and healthy.”

Rupal Mistry, Animation Film Director said, “This pandemic is an eye opener which has introduced us to the fact how vulnerable and unprepared we are to such height contagious pandemics. This viral experience has brought the whole globe to a standstill. India needs to fortify its citizen’s future with best of health care, hygiene care, welfare policies & educate the masses to follow instructions in the healthy contexts. Government definitely needs to gear up the medical emergency facilities for such worst-case scenarios which are today’s reality.”

Ramesh Rajput, Activist said, “Learnt that health is wealth, no amount of wealth can save us from diseases which is unknown to mankind. We will always be vulnerable to such calamities, also learnt that in such cases rules should be followed should keep ourselves updated, should know the right way to get treated and above all should take care of yourself and help others, how much ever we can, to curb this menace. Our PM Narendra Modi and government of India is doing great work please support them whole heartedly. Stay indoor and stay safe. God bless all.”

Senior Advocate Rohini Salian said, “We the mortal human beings should learn that the nature is our creator and also the destroyer. We have forgotten this sole fact and think that we can dictate our terms with the Mother Earth by our treachery. Pray to nature’s force to save our country and the earth. Save the humankind from the petty politicians.”

Veteran Actress Moushumi Chatterjee said “People are thinking about only themselves; I am worried about stray animals and pets. Someone should think of their welfare and safety too.”

Miloni Chudasama, Content Writer at The Social Lions said, ”COVID-19 is not like any other virus that we have seen in an earlier time. It is widespread around the world, and therefore, calling it a ‘situation’ would be totally vague. People are losing their lives, thus, we all need to take this very seriously and fight against it unanimously. Let’s stay home and stay safe!”

Shivani Lokhande, HR Executive said, “Two things that I learned from the pandemic Coronavirus are that, we people were so dependent on materialistic things for our happiness that eventually we became distant from our own loved ones. Now that there’s lockdown everywhere and it’s a golden opportunity to rebuild the bond with family. We humans are so habituated to fast lifestyle, now that all of sudden this slowdown is like an alien feeling for us. Another thing our parents, school had taught us “WASH YOUR HANDS NEAT AND CLEAN” we had ignored that thing later on we felt it as nagging, but that very good habit has proven very much important to us.”

Archana Mohan Sharma, Social Activist said, “Let us all unite for humanity and help lives by avoiding unnecessary movements. Government is taking all necessary measures for ensuring well being of all but it has to be collective efforts of all that will help fight the invisible enemy Coronavirus. The government should deploy government vans in areas with essentials to avoid overcrowding at grocery, vegetables outlets and control hiking in prices of essential commodities. As some traders are taking advantage of the situation by hiking the prices of commodities.”

Sumita Chakraborty, Editor said, “To enjoy self-isolation. To enjoy being in my own company. In the race for success, you tend to forget yourself. This self isolation gave me ‘me time’. Time to write, cook, paint, watch movies. Also I learned to enjoy the OCD effect. Wash your hands and feet several times. Lastly I learned that Mother Nature is supreme. She always takes over her planet. This one day of no pollution had the birds coming out. The air was cleaner. I enjoyed the sound of silence.”

Sanjay Malkar said, “During our school days we learnt about ‘plague’. Villagers used to leave their homes to protect themselves from this disease. After so many years, we all are actually experiencing similar phase. So many people were leaving Mumbai without bothering about their own lives. Everyone wanted to just run away from the threat of CORONA. But have they succeeded or worsened the situation? Only TIME will prove it.”

RTI activist Shailesh Gandhi said, “The enemy of humankind does not respect the divisions of country, religion, caste, sex or ideology. Will we draw appropriate lessons from this event?”

Journalist Karishma Chawla said, “On Sunday (March 22) the entire nation came together at 5 pm to encourage the people working in essential services to combat Coronavirus. And I can say I am proud to be an Indian. On one hand, there is a certain category who still doesn’t want to understand however on the other hand majority people know the seriousness of the situation and one thing Corona has taught us is to stay united as a country.”


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