Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Stop this politics of hatred

MNS chief Raj Thackeray has once again started indulging in politics of hatred by targeting toll plazas across the state. The common man has to bear the brunt of MNS activists who disrupt normal lives by vandalising toll booths. By indulging in such acts the party is only damaging the national property and wasting tax-payers money.

This is not the first time Raj has indulged in such acts to gain cheap publicity earlier too his party had ransacked toll plazas. I don’t understand why he issues provocative statements by asking people to refrain from paying toll charges. Doesn’t he realise that he is only causing huge hardships to Mumbaikars who already have to commute a long distance to reach offices?

Even I am aware that inflation is rising which has resulted in to increase in prices which needs to be controlled. Also steps needs to taken to reduce toll charges which has become a burden for motorists. However, it doesn’t mean that one should resort to violence for reducing toll charges. This is not first instance when political parties are fighting for the welfare of common man. Many others are adopting a peaceful means to protest against the issues affecting the people. Thus Raj Thackeray and his party are not following the right approach by creating law and order problem in the state.

Even Arvind Kejriwal too protests against various issues but he never takes law in his hands. On the other hand, Raj Thackeray indulges in politics of hatred and his activists carry out agitations which turn violent. Recently, the MNS party workers had vandalised toll plazas across Maharashtra state thereby causing inconvenience to people. Yesterday afternoon, I noticed that MNS party workers were vandalizing tolls booths in Dahisar check naka as commuters sustained injuries. When I went for covering this incident party activists reprimanded me. They also asked me to leave the place and also threatened me of dire consequences if I covered the news. I don’t know what the MNS party has to prove by indulging in such goondaism.

According to me leaders like Raj Thackeray is big threat to the society and should be expelled from Maharastra. He can never be good politician because always indulges in politics of hatred. He always claims that his party works for the welfare of Marathi Manoos. However, I would like to remind him that Mumbaikars were stuck in traffic jam for hours because of his cheap publicity stunt. Moreover, many Marathi people sustained severe injuries. If Raj is really bothered about their welfare then he should stop indulging in such anti-social activities. His party also needs to work for the welfare for Marathi Manoos.

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