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Stress and the city

Few days back a police officer committed suicide after killing his senior colleague at Vakola Police station. Dilip Shirke had a heated argument with senior police senior inspector over diary entry. Shirke ended his life after firing three rounds at Senior Vilas Joshi. There has been a rise in corruption and suicide incidents as many police personnel are undergoing severe depression due to huge work load and lack of amusement. Most of them also have to work on festivals as their leaves are cancelled at the last moment. Their work burden also increases when any terror alert is announced for the city. As many as 46 deaths have been reported between January and April, 2015 in the Police force due to acute stress including 13 deaths due to heart diseases. Another startling statistic of the NCRB data shows Maharashtra Police has reported the highest number of suicides.

In order to avert such incidents the Mumbai Police department is planning to introduce mental health check-up of all police officers. A team of police officials will also be regularly visiting the police colonies for reviewing the conditions. Besides this senior police officers have been asked to have regular interactions with cops for understanding about the problems which they face while discharging their duties.

Johnny Walker was an excellent comedian and his songs brought instant happiness among the people.
“Jane kahan mera jigar gaya ji, aabhi abhi idhar tha, kidhar gayaji…”.
“Sar jo tera chakraye, ya dil dooba jaye, aaja pyare pass hamare kahe ghabraye, kahe ghabraye…”. His flexibility and comic timing were superb which comes naturally to him.

The police department should give priority to promote the health of cops. Why you want to give police protection to every Tom, Dick and Harry? Police are meant for providing security. They also undertake regular rounds at night to prevent people from bursting of too many crackers and loud drum beats which cause public nuisance. Training programs should be imparted to police for assisting fire fighters with the help of fire brigade.

The film industry is churning out too many films per year. There should be restriction on the number of films to be produced for improving the quality of the content. The other day, I had spoken about including some “adivasis” in the IPL teams. They can simply watch, interact with the team members and have some fun.

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