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Students should stay away from politics

In my opinion, students in JNU must draw a clear line between study and politics. The time, energy and efforts of today’s youth could better be used on something constructive for the country. Rather than being the harbinger of destructive mindsets, the youth should voice opinions on matters that bring progress in the nation, not on those that hold it back. The quota struggle in Haryana is one more case of pressing our right with damage to the public property and human lives. Is it fair to act in an indifferent manner?

It is indeed very sad to see unrest in JNU and quota stir are causing innumerable discomforts to the public and the Government. The Home Minister is struggling to bring peace. Instead of bringing congenial atmosphere within the four walls of the University we look to score brownie points and play vote bank politics. The security of the people is just posing problem.   Streets are filled with sharp edged stones and that work wonders, as stones serve as the major weapon in the hands of the students and trouble shooters.  The throw by these miscreants is on target and it is my earnest desire to have some of the stone wielding members can find a place in the Indian Cricket Team. Students play spoilsport but hit the Policemen and armed forces with an aim to attack them. Anti-national activities pose serious security threat to the nation.

It is my earnest desire to have these youngsters get involved in sports activities and divert their mind from illegal activities leading to chaos and confusion in the streets and make common man suffer from getting essential commodities. Some of them can be trained as fast bowlers also as their follow-through after throwing the stone is just like fast bowler Dennis Lillee’s action. It is time to include latent talent available in the country for good use and avoid disturbance within the university and in the streets. Students should focus on studies and stay away from politics as it may impact their future. It is my clarion call.


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