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Supreme Court’s verdict on section 377 a backward step

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The issue is not only about recriminalizing gay sex or violation of individuals’ freedom it’s all about how they going to survive further. First let us think about those lesbians whose family are yet to know about their sexuality. No matter how modernized our Indian society has become or people who are broadminded yet there are many girls who have buried their feelings and emotions for the sake of maintaining their families self-esteem who are likely to be taunted by the society. Such girls are living an insecure life and are unable to disclose their true identity. A question which arises in my mind is are we actually living our so called lives or just surviving as we don’t have any other options to do what we actually want.

Will these lesbians live a normal life and what about their future? Due to family pressure tomorrow these girls will have to get married to some men and get royally raped by their so called husbands, post marriage. No art of natural sex would make them “straight” (people who claim to be straight are exactly opposite of gay). Why is the Supreme Court overlooking the problems which these girls will have to undergo on account of this verdict? It will only pave way for marital rapes and divorce. Tomorrow we might find heartbroken people and rising suicide case instead of aids.

This verdict has not only created havoc and but will only add to the woes of the gay community. For instance, if I have a gay friend and I decide to seek revenge against him then I would click his photo and report it to the police station as he might be charged under section 377.

Our nation’s image has already taken a severe beating internationally and this verdict will only ruin it further. Frankly speaking people who run India are nothing but curse to the masses. Let it be our lame justice panel or baseless law enforcement or corrupt politicians. It seems that restoration of India would only begin with self-destruction.

If they think that homosexuality is unholy then do straight people perform sex in every temple or roads to prove how holy they are? Holiness is present inside our hearts and thoughts that we possess for others.

The Supreme Court had an opportunity to decriminalize gay sex which would have taken India a step forward. In relegating the responsibility of amending the law the, SC has not just shrugged off its responsibility but also pushed the nation back to the year 1860 when the section 377 IPC was passed by the then legislative council.

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