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Swami Omji thrown out of Hindu Mahasabha

He has always been associated with some controversy or the other due to his acts.

Controversial godman Swami Omji Maharaj has been ousted from Hindu Mahasabha after his exit from reality show Bigg Boss for misbehaving with women. Several cases have been registered in various places against him, including some non-bailable offences. Few weeks back, Swami made an emergency exit from the show after he was summoned by the court. He was returned back on the show as he had managed to garner huge TRPs’ for the programme. Swamiji had peed on national television and thrown his pee on inmates. Due to his controversial acts, he was thrown out of the reality show. However, Omji’s presence had garnered huge TRP’s for Bigg Boss. He also is an alleged arms hoarder who has been slapped with charges under the Arms act, TADA and other laws.

Pramod Pandit Joshi, a think tank of Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha said, “Swami Omji was thrown out of Hindu Mahasabha after he had slapped a lady astrologer on television. But his entry in Big Boss and other criminal acts exposed him.”

Swami has always been associated with some controversy or the other due to his acts. He is also popular by the name of S Sadachari Baba. He is known for abusive behaviour against women. Omji is a middle aged man who proclaims to be a spiritual leader.

“We were prompted to show him the door after he made derogatory comments against Bigg Boss inmates. We are unhappy with his behaviour. We have officially declared that he is not a Hindu Mahasabha member. Swamji has been saying that he want to serve human beings but he is only harassing people,” added Joshi.

He had contested Delhi Assembly elections on Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha ticket but lost it to AAP candidate. He was a contestant from Palika Bazar. Omji claims that PM Modi has asked for his assistance during the 2015 elections.

Earlier Omji had slapped a woman guest on a TV show the video of which had gone viral. Along with Swami, the video shows astrologer Deepa Sharma on the panel and the topic of discussion was Radhe Maa. After a heated argument, Swami questioned Sharma’s authenticity, while she warned him not to get personal. Swami then got up to slap her, on national television

He also had made controversial statement and said that his party had killed Mahatma Gandhi. Omji also had stated that Nathuram Godse was a member of the Hindu Mahasabha.

According to a report of Delhi Police, Omji has been involved in seven cases under the Arms Act and TADA, besides committing offences of robbery and burglary. The police report also mentioned that Omji was exposed by Defence Colony police officials who found huge cache of arms and ammunition in his possession.

Obscene photos of women were found in his possession, which he has allegedly used to extort money. Omji has been accused of making false complaints against neighbours, relatives and government officials. His brother, sister and other relatives have also complained against him in Lodhi Colony police station.

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