Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Provide relief to small Media Houses: Rahul Shewale

Newspapers and Publications are seeing the worst of times in India, some publications have already stopped many of their supplements, some have closed down...

Journalists putting their health in danger by covering news during lockdown

Recently, when Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray visited various places journalists and camera men escorted him without any special safety. During this pandemic and long...

Government should provide special insurance cover to Media persons amid COVID-19

More than fifty media persons from Mumbai have tested positive for coronavirus, most of them are from the electronic media, have tested positive for...

Journalists putting their health in danger by covering news during lockdown

Indian media is old institution but the upcoming channels have all young scribes and camera persons, most of them are goal oriented and enthusiasts....

Losing self-pride to the western psyche: India’s way

Listening to a devoted journalist is always intriguing and it becomes more exciting when a foreign journalist describes the ancient glory of my own...

Social conditioning to be blamed for plagiarism

Is plagiarism an accepted part of the education system in India? In other words, will cultural difference play a role in this? Well, as a

Govt should be open enough for constructive criticism by media

Once journalism was much respected profession, the journalists and editors used to turn the tables and decide the fate of politicians and

Maharashtra Scribes to receive State govt awards

Many senior journalists will be honoured with prestigious awards for their achievements in Journalism for 2016, 2017 and 2018 respectively

Biased Media a threat to Democracy: Right-wingers seeking for ban

In a rare move, a social media group by the right-wingers is appealing people and financial institutions to ban a certain mainstream newspaper

Journalists belong on the edge, a dangerous place to be: Shahidul Alam

As a messenger of news, a Journalist’s role is neither easy nor comfortable. Defining the parameters of the profession, world-renowned

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Alas… Onion Prices Soar – Prices Reach Rs 100 Per Kg In Mumbai

The common man who has been struggling in this pandemic starting from losing jobs to pay cut in salary, however, now he has to...

Maharashtra Government Will Use All Its Strength To Support Farmers

"Excessive rainfall has caused a very big loss of crop and agricultural land in this area. The inspection of the damaged area will be...

By Letting Khadse Go, BJP Lost OBC Pockets Of The State?

Maharashtra BJP’s senior leader Eknathrao Ganpatrao Khadse was aspiring to become the Chief Minister of Maharashtra in 2014.

The history of the Hindus is the history of a civilization

In the recent past, the entire political system and Vote Bank has evolved between Hindutva and secularism. The word Hinduism Is too much exploited...