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Take action against tanker mafia

After the BMC Hydraulic department announced that there will be scarcity of water in the city people started conserving water. On the other hand, the water shortage crisis has proved to be a boon for water tanker mafia. It’s an opportunity for them to extract exorbitant money from Mumbaikars. Water tanker mafia is very active in the city but officials fail to take action against them.

When the BMC announced about imposing water cuts in the metropolis then my editor asked me to cover a story about it. When I interviewed few people they revealed several shocking things which really stunned me. After receiving the information when I began investigating I became aware about more facts about the water tanker mafia operating in the city and adjoining areas. They are looting people by charging exorbitant money from them for supplying water.

The city is already facing water scarcity as the water tanker mafia is only aggravating the problems further. The water level in dams have been depleting hence the city is facing water scarcity. Water tanker mafia steal water from BMC pipelines and sell them to Mumbaikars. Why the BMC officials have failed to take strict action against them. No police official, BMC officers, Staff from Hydraulic Department and politicians are coming forward to stop this malpractice.

There is an alleged nexus between the tanker mafia, police officials, BMC and other departments. A water tanker operator spoke to me on the condition of anonymity and said, “Yaha sab mil batt ke khatey hai. Sab ko khush rakhna padta hai’. (Everyone is entitled to receive a share of money and it is necessary to keep them happy). At a time when the common man has to suffer huge hardships on account of water scarcity the tanker mafia and politicians are busy filling their pockets. Nobody is really bothered to resolve the water crisis prevailing in the city.

According to me, few watchdog squads comprising residents of the society must keep an eye on the water suppliers who steal water from the pipeline. This is the only option left now as officials are hand in glove with the water suppliers. Finally strong laws must be framed to take action against the water suppliers who steal water from pipelines so that they will rethink twice before committing such offence in the future.

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