Sunday, August 1, 2021
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Take action against peeping toms

Police patrol must be intensified at night to nab stalkers on the highway. The journo managed to click picture of the accused and posted them online which enabled the police to apprehend the two stalkers. Slowly Mumbai is becoming as unsafe as Delhi. It is indeed a clear cut case of invading the privacy of the weaker sections of the society as stalking menace spreads in the State in a stifle way keeping women on the dock.  As Maharashtra stood second in the list of complaints the State Government should enforce stringent punishment on erring Romeos.  On an average 18 complaints are registered and it is an alarming proportion as we respect women most and this type of behaviour problem needs to be condemned. Research also indicates that teenagers are subjected to stalking and that they have difficulty extricating themselves from such situations. Tourists arriving in India also face stalking problem due to rising unemployment. Moreover certain sections of people wander around the city thereby creating troubles for women. Sexual harassment at work place is another case and needs to be addressed on priority basis. Criminal activity consisting of the repeated following and harassing of another person is an offence. Peeping Toms should be put on place immediately.

S. Abhishek Ramaswamy

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