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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Take precautions to avert fire accidents

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Recent spate of fires in the city is causing concern and a Rs. 10 crores loss was incurred in the Girgaum fire for lack of fire safety norms. Why the State Government is giving less importance to a sensitive issue, which cause huge loss to human lives and property.  With so many high rise buildings in the city it is time to follow safety norms to rescue people from further disaster.

Current statistics of deaths and injuries, in relation to fires proves to be alarming and an increasing number of people affected by losses and fatal injuries are being reported and accounted for each year. Leak in Pipe Gas and Gas cylinders are the root cause for most of the fires in the flats. This is in line with smoking, faulty wiring as well as heating equipment as some of the possible causes of home fires occurring throughout the country. Given these rates and information, it is only fitting to know the importance of home fire prevention and tips. First, invest in proper equipment. Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are some common examples of these.

You may begin with installing smoke detectors on every level of your homes/offices and bed rooms. Maintenance is also required; therefore detectors must be kept clean and dust-free. Make sure to replace batteries regularly. In the case of fire extinguishers, it is also essential to know these simple reminders. Fire extinguishers should be mounted in accessible places like workshops or kitchens. Keep house corridors and stairways free from obstructions. It is also advisable to keep track of unused supplies like newspapers as these are known combustibles. Clearing out unnecessary items in closets and garages are preventive measures too.

Another good tip on how to prevent home fires is through proper use of appliances and home equipment. Space heaters are useful items but can be a cause of concern if not properly installed. Any type of heating equipment must be maintained and subjected to regular inspection. Fire safety also entails the appropriate use of other tools like extension cords. It is also important that electric appliances are plugged in separate outlets more so placing space heaters away from magazines or old newspapers. The kitchen is one place where residents tend to play safe. Unfortunately, it is also the same area where home fires usually begin. Therefore, creating that ambiance of safety is crucial for any home owner. The same is applicable to the public places as well.

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