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Tamil Nadu came to a standstill over Jallikattu

Jallikattu gained popularity and the public response to the dangerous sport is mounting much than ever before in Tamil Nadu.  Even though the repercussions of the dangerous sport and subsequent ban all came cropper as an ordinance gets nod and the cultural passions were running rather high. Tamil Nadu witnessed dusk to dawn shut down for five days as thousands of protesters poured into streets to support the demand for lifting the ban imposed on Jallikattu. The matter reached up to Centre as the state was finding it difficult to have control over the peaceful protest and Supreme Court order was withheld to hold public voice.

Both TN and the centre worked feverishly to bring out an ordinance for ensuring Jallikattu take place as a sport as the general strike gained momentum. Thousands of protesters paraded on Marina beach and other parts of the state to express their solidarity in this regard. People’s movement has won and now bull taming is an official sport in the state. Despite delay, the state handled the situation very well as the demise of J. Jayalalithaa. The ordinance promulgated by the state Governor will amend the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. Accordingly legal steps would be taken to remove all obstacles in the way of holding the sport.

The superstars of Kollywood, who were supporting the stand on banning the sport joined the protesters silently to save the embarrassment.  Now, the ordinance is cleared to run the bull taming sport and it must take place forthwith.

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