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“Terrified” PM Modi afraid I will expose his corruptions, says Rahul Gandhi

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Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is terrified him as he would reveal all of his wrong doings.

“I have already said before the Prime Minister is personally terrified of me being allowed to open my mouth inside the Lok Sabha, because I have information on the PM that is going to explode his balloon,” said Rahul Gandhi.

Reiterating that the opposition has always been ready for discussion, Gandhi alleged that the government of not having a proper debate.

“For the last month, we have been trying to hold a discussion in the parliament house. We have discussed with the speaker to allow a discussion dispensing all rules. Pretty much, unconditionally, we are ready to have a discussion, but the governmentt is not interested in having a discussion,” he said.

“I would request the government to allow the entire opposition to speak in the house, because he owes this country an explanation,” he added.

Criticising the Prime Minister’s move to demonetise high-denomination notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000, Gandhi said the Prime Minister personally took the decision.

“He has taken a decision against the poor people of the country. He has destroyed million lives and he is answerable. He has personally taken this decision,” said Congress vice-president.

Demanding an explanation from the Prime Minister, Rahul Gandhi asked to let opposition have a say in Lok Sabha.

“He cannot keep running away to pop concerts, to public meetings. This is a democracy. He owes the country an explanation and he owes us, the entire opposition, a space in discussion in Lok Sabha,” he said.

On December 9, Rahul Gandhi came up with another such bombarding statement saying that if he would speak on demonetisation in parliament, then the ruling regime would be hit by an “earthquake.

However, BJP members as well as AAP leaders are asking an obvious question to the Congress Vice President after his speech at the parliament.

AAP convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted: If Rahul Gandhi actually has papers on Modi ji’s personal involvement in corruption, then why doesn’t he expose it outside Parl? (sic)

Kejiwal’s party colleague Ashish Khetan also wondered what’s stopping Rahul from releasing this information outside the Parliament, if it is indeed the case that he’s not being allowed to speak in Parliament. Khetan Tweeted: If Rahul Gandhi is not allowed to speak inside the house, than he should speak outside and disclose the information he has about Modi ji.

The BJP, of course, called Rahul’s allegations about the PM’s corruption “baseless”.
“If Rahul Gandhi had information, he could have revealed it 20 days ago, but till today he wasn’t ready to make any earth-shattering revelations,” said the BJP Union minister Ananth Kumar.

Another Union Minister Prakash Javadekar referring to the “earthquake” comment of Rahul Gandhi and said, “Rahul says ‘If I speak there will be an earthquake. I say there won’t be any earthquake but the rug will surely be pulled from under his feet.”

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