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Terror attacks dampen festive spirit

25th December- Christmas the birth of Jesus Christ is indeed a big and happy day for the Christians all over the world. There’s a celebratory atmosphere all around. All preparations and decorations begin for it right from the first week of December. As the day approaches everyone is excited as after midnight mass the party begins with all those yummy sweets (Kuswar – Christmas sweets), delicious food and beverages. It is that time of the year to be pleased and joyous but are the people of this world happy? Well the answer I feel is no. This month there were too many disturbing incidents to ruin the festive fervour.

The month began with utterly shocking incident of Delhi church fire on 1st December (St. Sebastian church.) Initially it was said that the fire erupted due to short circuit but parishioners suspect foul play. This was indirect attack on the Catholic minorities in India. Why to enrage a particular community who are eagerly waiting for the festival? Just as people were trying to get over this incident another crime occurred which again brought back the memories of the December 2012 Nirbhaya rape case. That time rape occurred in a moving bus, this time it was in a cab. Uber cab service has been banned in Delhi after the rape incident which occurred in the capital on 5th December.

With rise in crime cases against women in India, the respect of women is dwindling and still there’s no strict law in place to prevent men from committing such crimes. These two incidents occurred in the capital of India. Truly it is a shame for us Indians as internationally Delhi is now known as ‘Rape capital!’. Few gunmen barged into café and kept hostage innocent people who were scared for hours as their lives was at stake in Sydney on December, 15. But worst of all is the Peshawar school attack which happened in Pakistan on 16th December. It’s really a disturbing and disgusting act committed by the terrorists from Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) to kill innocent lives. What harm did those school-going children cause that they had to die in such a brutal way?

All the excitement to celebrate the festival dies down the moment when you read or hear about such horrific incidents. This season (Christmastime) is all about spreading happiness and joy, give gifts, and be cheerful. However, the reality is so harsh and bitter that you wonder where has humanity and goodwill disappeared? Wars, poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and crimes are occurring in this beautiful world.

Someone has to gift this world with – PEACE. That’s what planet earth is lacking today and the resultant chaos is tearing the whole world apart instead of binding them together. Everyone asks Santa Claus for something they desire the most and that they be granted with that gift, but all I (no, it should be we) want is the gift of PEACE. Hope with the New Year, the whole scenario changes and let good things prevail. Not going to end this article without wishing all you readers a merry and joyous Christmas time with family and friends.

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