Monday, September 27, 2021
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Testing time for Mumbaikars

The people in Metro are dumping debris, iron rod, mud, stones, plastic bags to cause a major blockage and that may cause blockage and that leads to flash floods in the low-lying areas. Even the green developers in Aarey area is also facing the same problem. Better council prevailed and now debris dumping and cutting trees is stopped by Sameritans. It is a good  news of the nature lovers. The waste generated in tones by dumping debris is causing major concern. The Civil administration has already issued an appeal to avoid dumping of waste and prevent major block in the drainage system in the city. If dumping is not stopped, we fear that this city will become another clogged and overflowing rivulets during incessant rains and water logging in the low lying areas. The preparation already made is not enough and drastic measures will have to be taken before the onset of monsoon. It is time to go all out and see all the arrangements are strictly made in accordance with guidelines given by BMC in this regard. It is the duty of the people to avoid such a situation by their careless approach lest we will face July 2005 situation once again.

Nickhil Mani

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