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Testing time for Uddhav Thackeray

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Shiv Sena claims to have stronger hold in Maharashtra and BJP is aware that the Mahayuti alliance had won due to Modi. People never wanted Manmohan Singh, Congress, or any other member from BJP as they supported Narendra Modi. It is clear that till now Shiv Sena has been trying to cash in on BJP’s victory. If Uddhav Thackeray thinks that the Maharashtra cannot move without his party then it will be totally absurd.

Earlier, Uddhav had claimed that Shiv Sena is the leading party of Maharashtra but he must do a reality check now. Shiv Sena was unwilling to back down when it came to seat sharing and eventually turned demanding. It is obvious that winner should get the reward first, not their partners whose contribution was zero.

The ongoing seat sharing tussle between the Shiv Sena and BJP is one of the classic examples of the victory that has given birth to greediness. Uddhav Thackeray dreams about becoming the next CM of Maharashtra which won’t be fulfilled.

Parties should not form any alliance in the state. It’s better to contest election alone and judge our own credibility rather turning into parasite who could take credit for someone else’s victory. The Shiv Sena should understand that they can’t win polls without the support of BJP.

Parties should contest election separately and must not go for alliance. Time has come for a change of guard in the state. It is not in national interest to encourage regional and smaller parties to rise in power. In case if the Sena comes into the power then smaller parties like RPI will derive benefit out of it where as they themselves have no credentials.

The RPI has failed to take off. These type of parties have been formed by politicians for pursuing their personal interests. Dalit have remained backward in Maharashtra. The RPI might be claiming that it has done several works but it has only grabbed headlines for wrong reasons. Many Dalits are busy trying to mint as much money as they can. Once a Dalit comes into power he tends to forget the plight of his community.

On one hand, the BJP works for the welfare of upper caste Hindus while the RPI does exactly the opposite as it is concerned about Dalits and ignores other communities. They could have merged the entire backward castes to form a single group.

Politics is communalized in India. The Congress claims that it is a secular party but it follows pseudo-secularism. Muslims had too much liberty during the reign of Congress which has been ram shackled after the BJP formed government at the centre and it was giving more prominence to love jihad.

Finally Uddhav Thackeray has to prove his mettle and also accept that Shiv Sena can’t win assembly election on its own. His desire to evolve into a towering personality like his father has ended up making a fool of himself before everyone.

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