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Thackeray-Mamata, no common turf

Meeting between West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and Shiv Sena President Uddhav Thackeray did not evince any interest in present day politics. Their common agenda may be to talk ill about BJP and its developmental schemes for the sake of just blaming and there is no depth in their talks. The common goal is not going to serve the country in anyway as BJP is getting cheap popularity through these findings and accusations. After all BJP is working for the country’s development and in the last three years, results are forthcoming. Just for the sake of criticising things will not move in their favour in any way. BJP is a force to reckon with and these regional parties are small flies comparing to the Saffron cadre. Conversation between the two parties did not yield any fruitful results and such talks did not show any political significance in the national politics. BJP can overlook all these show-piece meetings and work hard for taking the country to a higher level. But the meeting is quite insignificant in the backdrop of BJP planning to go alone in Municipal and other by-elections in the state and no longer need the support of Sena. In the Union Government they are just a part of the team of ministers and no significant portfolio is allotted to the party cadre. Even the withdrawal of Sena will never show instability of the government in the next couple of years. Opposition is just desperate and BJP is getting a much better stronghold in the State as well at the centre with all this petty politics. How these relationships will take shape before the General Elections 2019 is just a vague guess.

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