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Thank You Readers: It’s Successful 12 years of Journey and Together WE DID IT…

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We the Afternoon voices are 12 years old today. One long decade the publication stood against various challenges and sustained with the utmost integrity. Afternoon Voice is a tabloid published from Mumbai, fighting against all the odds in the fourth estate as well as outside, the motive of this parallel media to provide unbiased information and stand as the voices of people.

Dr Vaidehi, Editor-in-Chief of Afternoon Voice says, “The strength of our newspaper is our readers and content writers, and they support us unconditionally. My office staffs from editorial to circulation are young but well trained, there are hiccups but with the encouragement of readers we stood firm.”

Three months nationwide lockdown in light of the coronavirus outbreak has caused the distribution chain of newspapers across the country to collapse as dailies in some parts have stopped production altogether. Maharashtra, one of the states with the highest number of positive coronavirus cases, is also the worst affected in terms of newspaper distribution. But without taking a pause, the paper ventured into fulltime online news circulation.

Vishwajit Gaikwad, director of Afternoon Voice says, “We all directors hold our own businesses, for commercial gains and revenue generation. This venture is more of a social cause for me, with limited resources and staff we run this newspaper but stand at par with all reputed publications in the market.”

I never stopped reading Afternoon Voice

After getting up in the morning the first thing I do is take a look at newspapers. I am an avid reader and reading newspaper is my routine, in the era of yellow and commercial journalism there is one small neutral newspaper of Mumbai stood against all odds and that is “Afternoon Voice”. When I go in flashback, it was 2008-09, Dr Vaidehi the editor of publication approached my father’s publication house “Vatsala Baliram Prakashan Kendra” for help in printing of Afternoon Voice. Those days, I used to wonder how this young team could really deal with the newspaper industry, as it’s not a prerogative of ordinary persons. My father, who was a social worker and philanthropist agreed to help them with the startup. Somehow, I saw the newspaper getting launched and it was a very rebellious step though. But to my amazement, the content was so fresh that I become an avid reader of this newspaper. Since then I never stopped reading it.

Gradually, my family members got associated with this newspaper in some or the other way I’m seeing their struggle and success story since its inception. Sometimes the staff is not there and only a couple of people are running it without any deviation in the quality. Sometimes they’re going through the financial crisis but not letting the newspaper stop or compromising on any front. It reaches to the readers every day on time with a new story that is unparalleled. Stories which affect the common man, news reports that are unbiased.

Time has really flown and they have completed the 11 years of their journey with so many squalls and scuffles and I wish this organization all the best for their future. Actually, I’m a government officer and not really a writer, but today I thought sharing my views for this young and matured team and tried penning down my lines.

In the era of lockdown, many publication houses stopped breathing and they finished with the time. Afternoon Voice not only sustained the pandemic pressure but also gave every minute coverage.

I congratulate team Afternoon Voice for their success and hoping to see them venture ahead.

– Anilkumar Gaikwad

Afternoon Voice is synonymous with Vaidehi Taman who silently voices her words on print media for 11 years now. Bold and neutral in conveying news to the readers, people wait for articles which are penned in a uniquely bold and vociferous style.

These days I am enjoying tweets from Vaidehi. And also learning many aspects of Indian politics vis-a-vis from a journalist’s perspective. To be absolutely truthful is rare and dangerous in journalism but The Afternoon Voice has maintained their Freedom of Press.

God bless Afternoon voice and its team especially their young and budding journalists.

– Adv Pratibha Bangera

Let me Congratulate Dear Vaidehi for your remarkable grit to survive in your endeavour to uphold National spirit and the pursuit of truth in this cruel world. You are one of the fittest journalists who need to survive to uphold the rule Law in our great nation. Jai Hind. God bless your team members.

– Rohini Salian, Senior Lawyer

I am Suchita Bhide Shah a psychological counsellor and a family life educationist working for the society all 7 days of the week. I have experience of 20 years. In 2010 few boys aged 13/14 years were suffering from male teachers’ molestation and I was helping kids and their parents emotionally by counselling. Afternoon voice team came to me and understood the matter and made a point to bring this news to the front page and then it was followed by few. There I came in touch with Afternoon voice. Other parents also were more careful.

The Afternoon voice is high on content and quality. It has always gone beyond limits and helped people to get their voice heard. Along with that, the charity done by this newspaper has helped many underprivileged people.

Ms Vaidehi Taman, Editor-in-chief is well learned and empathetic female she understands the pain of such and many other incidents. I have lots of respect for her and her team. I am satisfied with their report and analysis. They are doing a good job.

I congratulate the entire team on their anniversary. Keep up the good work and keep analysing the social and holistic difference in our lines.

– Suchita Bhide Shah

Heartiest congratulation to team NBC completing 11 years continue publishing of all additions I am also lucky because I am the part of NBC group from last 11 years when they started, some special words for NBC group young team parallel media and young achiever Vaidehi Taman.

– Dr Vipin Gaur

This is to express my great happiness in the successful 11th anniversary of Afternoon Voice!

I see this as the personal achievement of Dr Vaidehi Taman and an ongoing successful journey of her wonderful team. I have known Afternoon Voice, for so many years now and I take pride in this wonderful milestone that the newspaper has built-in our Mumbai city.

Inspired by you, Afternoon Voice represents the city’s voice. It fearlessly addresses the city’s problems and brings them to the notice of the concerned authorities. Yet, it is warm, affectionate and celebrates the spirit of the Mumbaikars!

Actually, Afternoon Voice is an extension of the spirit and personality of its Editor in Chief, Dr Vaidehi Taman. It can easily connect with the reader and forms an individual friendly bond. This is how ‘Afternoon Voice’ connected with me and soon, I felt a strong bonding with the newspaper.

On meeting Vaidehi Ji, I was instantly drawn to her fearless – never say die spirit, humour and warmth. She and Afternoon Voice celebrates life. I sincerely wish Afternoon Voice, great success in building many more milestones, in the coming years.

– Dr Soma Ghosh, Padma Shree & Vocalist – Benaras Gharana


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