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The commodification of women under human traffic

Girls for sale! Price rate from two to 75 thousand rupees! The high school and college going girls in demand! Yes! It is the realistic shameful dark cruelty exists in the main stream of silicon city Bangalore, not in the out rated locality but in the lime light of the city performed by the high society educated girls who sell their bodies just for the sake of money. The pimps easily make transactions just with a telephone call and the customers are facilitated with the spot delivery of girls belonging to esteemed institutions.

The activity is not a recent one. In the early monarchy, the prostitution was legal and a family was treated under the name of ‘Devadasi’, which was commercialised during the reign of British. The red light area Kamathipura in Mumbai is still well known for the sale of girls. Kolkata and New Delhi were the centers of such commodification. But now the garden city Bangalore has become the centre of selling girls through big rackets. What makes the students get attracted towards prostitution?

Concubide is the only trader, who receives huge sum of money within hours. Are not the girls well fed by their homes? Why not! These girls are far away from their homes, which are well furnished with their needs of education. But these girls being away from their homes easily get attracted towards the horrible things like drugs and boozing which are out of their budget that can be easily fulfilled by such extra earning. Can’t this brutality be prevented?

Certainly yes, an education about the criminal activities like drug mafia and human traffic, which drags the girls into destruction, must be provided by the government. Further, stringent rules must be framed against the criminals for pushing girls into prostitution. The brutal pimps must be strictly arrested. The darkness which is swallowing a number of girls must be eradicated through the light of law by strengthening the judicial and social system.

Pramesh Jain

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