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The dark side of Mumbai

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Our Saturday night meeting turned into a sightseeing event pertaining to some of the dark places which continue to exist in Mumbai. While we were discussing about the Mumbai’s future and our personal lives, one of my friends started narrating about his encounter with a prostitute in Juhu.
I had visited Kamathipura and have taken interviews of women; frankly speaking those interviews were never genuine. For instance, a question which I asked Akka was “Do you still manage to earn money in the manner you earned before, when there were no call girls or high class escorts?”

I was sure that these women including their leader or landlord aka Akka (who provides accommodation for pleasure to these newly joined prostitutes, pimps in Kamathipura had supplied her girls in the past) will conceal the truth. As the interview progressed one of the women offered me tea. She asked the tea vendor to deliver special chai for guests from media. Akka was wearing large number of gold ornaments. She might have worn around ten heavy rings in each ear, and wore nice devdas style bangles and three pairs of necklaces. She was ready for giving an interview and initially she thought that I am working with a news channel.

So, when I inquired about her earnings she said that these days the business is declining as rich people seldom visit Kamathipura. More over the population of Kamathipura too has reduced drastically. She said, “We all are undergoing tough times. Nowadays, old women sell their bodies for twenty rupees an hour while the youngest and happening girls don’t charge beyond fifty rupees as everything depends upon luck. All the pimps are busy escorting call girls rather than clients at Kamathipura”. She earns approximately twelve thousand rupees per month.
I knew that she was lying and also tried twisting my questions. However, I learnt that they know how to handle the media as many other media houses who had visited the place for interviewing them. Finally, tea arrived.
Akka removed fat bundles of money from her bosom while paying bills to the tea vendor. Then I asked her that she might be earning lumpsum money. She replied that it’s her three months saving and she was planning to visit the bank for depositing money. I realised that they were lying and they have mastered the art of handling media personnel.

Later, we decided to understand about the mode of function of these girls. But I rarely know about the location from where they conduct their business. However, one of my friend was aware about the places from where these girls used to operate. Thus we visited a bar and restaurant located at a corner and it was difficult to believe that huge prostitution racket was operating there.

First of all the area was really a pathetic but still I took an initiative to visit it. After entering the permit room I was surprised to find women belonging to various age group and physical statistics. I found extremely young and beautiful girls and it will difficult for me to term them as call girl. On the other hand, I found several ugly women huge, fat, D shaped with loud mouth and erring speech. I was surprised to notice several female pimps there.

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