The dilemma of child adoption

Can Sunita Murekar a maid who sold her kid to the employer for twenty thousand rupees really become a good parent in future. As per reports, Sunita is a single parent and was struggling to take care of her child due to financial problems. Sunita’s employer Sonubai Hate asked her to give away her child to one of her daughter who is childless.

According to Sunita, Hate had promised that she could see her child every day during working hours and also can spend quality time with the kid daily. After doing all the paper work done by both the parties Sunita couldn’t just let her child go away as she was craving to see her child everyday but she was unable to do so.

If Sunita is a caring mother what is the guarantee that after getting the possession of her child back she wouldn’t sell him to other family in return for lumpsum money? Moreover, the initiative taken by the child welfare committee is completely one-sided. Why support Sunita just because she is the biological mother. Why aren’t committee willing to think that Sunita herself being a mother has sold her kid to the family.

If Sunita Murekar really wanted a bright future for her kid then where has this money come from? And what is wrong if the child was given to some childless mother? It is obvious that the parents would have taken great care of the child as they have already undergone the trauma of being childless which doesn’t augur well for their family too.

The child welfare committee should support parents who are willing to take children from single parent and also motivate them to give away their children only if they are not financially stable. In the future, Sunita’s child might study in municipality school and will receive substandard education. Later, he would find employment in some factory and will earn paltry salary and will find it difficult to support his family. On the other hand, if the child stays with Hate family then he would atleast get a decent education to atleast find employment in a call centre. Being a single parent it has become a difficult taks to care of the child nowadays. It has become difficult to satisfy an individual’s needs on account of rising inflation. On the other hand, it is all about the emotional attachment between the child and mother.

The police has taken action only against Sunita Murekar and not against the Hate family which a right move as their daughter has been childless. Sunita was willing to part with her child as she was being paid money. Maybe both Sunita and Hate family had followed the adoption formalities properly. Till date have the CWC taken any awareness initiative that would educate people about the adoption methods? Even today several adoption centers exist which don’t give away child that easily despite couple’s sound financial background to take care of the child. These organisations demand lumpsum money under the table. Where was the CWC when many adoption scams were busted? Even today many orphaned boys and girls are being exploited and pushed into human trafficking activities. There so many centers who are involved in phidophily activities.

It’s high time the CWC should take serious measures to curb crime against children. This can only happen if the officials pull up their socks and solve the issues faced by thousands of children instead of garnering publicity. Sunita Murekar’s child was not physically exploited and instead two mothers were fighting, one to prove her motherhood and other to provide motherhood.