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The era of selfies

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There was a time when people used to visit a photo studio to get their photos clicked. Often a newlywed couple would go to a photo studio to get their photos clicked. After few years when they have children they get the photos of the entire family clicked and later it is framed on the wall. People used to get their photos clicked while going on a vacation or visiting any tourist spots. They would carry their cameras, take snaps and later give the rolls to studio for processing. Later, they used to insert the photos in an album and show it to their relatives and friends. The old roll camera has been replaced by smartphones with good resolution as people can easily click photos and upload it on social networking sites.
After the advent of smartphones people have started snapping selfies a term which has become very popular nowadays. The term selfie has become so immersed in our culture that not only has it has been officially entered into the Oxford English Dictionary, but “selfie” was the Dictionary’s Word of the Year for 2013. One can always see people clicking their own photos today at malls, restaurants and family gathering. The photo snapping session begins even before any conversation starts between people. Later this pictures are uploaded on social networking sites like facebook, twitter and mobile applications like whatsapp, instagram etc. To add on, there are many different ‘filters’ people use nowadays to make the picture a lot nice and prettier than it actually is. Today looks have become more important.

To garner more likes on facebook youngsters often keep on changing their profile pictures. They become happy after garnering likes from their friends. They post selfies after getting a new hair cut or standing near the mirror while getting ready for going out. Sometimes they post their photos by making some comic faces. On the other hand, some photos posted on social networking sites look very awkward as people might not have groomed themselves properly.

Even celebrities have started clicking their selfies and uploading them on social networking sites. Actors like Sonam Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Priyanka Chopra constantly click their photos and post on social media. Today there are enough tutorials available on newspapers and websites guiding readers about how to click a good selfie. Thus today people are constantly trying to garner attention by posting their pictures. Why have people become self obsessed why can’t they accept themselves for what they are? What about when someone is so confident—or confused—that he or she feels compelled to post constant selfies in an attempt to gain approval, attention, admiration and validation? When does the desire to attain self-acceptance via social media shift into a potentially destructive form of self-obsession?

People with low self-esteem are likely to spend over an hour a day on Facebook, and that those who inflate their own reputations or identity in their photos and status updates may very well be doing so to compensate for feelings of inadequacy. Although not all people struggle with low self-esteem, it should be a reminder that what we see on social media are not the real things that give life meaning.

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