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The importance of oral hygiene

What is the aspect which makes love blind? Is it sudden attraction towards a smart looking or intellectual guy or someone you don’t even know but you eventually fall in love?

We search for our soulmate for the entire life and might even end up with the wrong partner and may also take some wrong decision. We give birth to a child torture him throughout his life, regret, cry and struggle.

Obliviously, these days we can take our own decisions though we have to undergo hardships to accomplish certain goals but it is quite less as compared to earlier days. Especially we girls are being educated no matter what the situation maybe there are parents who struggle to get their daughters educated. However, there are some places where still girls struggle to realise their dreams of getting good education.

At the same time, there are some girls who fail to use their brains. We enter into a relationship and some girls also quote old proverbs like love at first sight, enemies turn lovers, or just simple attraction or having one night stand.

I am opposing none of them as everyone has become practical today. People should definitely follow their heart.

However, we still fail to take the necessary precautions. Obviously, when we love someone we are willing to do anything for that person. We start getting intimate and kiss our partner.

They say you should know a person well before you fall in love. But don’t you think your talks with the guy should change from favourite colours, movies, books to some sort of health problems.

Did you perform any root canal or tooth extraction recently? How regular are you with your dental or oral check-ups? Do you have any mouth sores? It is necessary to be aware about these aspects. There is no need to feel awkward if you are being asked these questions.

Unfortunately my friend is suffering from Warts. It was a later unveiled that the guy whom she was dating had that infection. Moreover, the doctors never bothered to ask my friend whether she was in contact with any other person who had this infection instead they focused on her family history. Even today doctors in India hesitate to ask intimate questions with the patient as they feel that he might get offended. At the same time, we being patients don’t want to face any of these questions. So it’s better that we maintain self-hygiene by taking the necessary precautions.
Readers can benefit from the below mentioned information

Viruses that can be transmitted through kissing

  • Cold
  • Infectious Mononucleosis
  • Herpes Infection
  • Hepatitis-B
  • Warts
  • Hand, foot and mouth disease
  • Meningococcal disease
  • Tooth decay

There is no need to give up kissing; while disease causing bugs can be transferred during a kiss, most won’t cause the disease and chances of serious risk is minimal. Research into passionate kissing has uncovered many valuable health benefits. For those who are calorie conscious a 60 second kiss burns 26 calories.

Be conscious to keep your mouth as healthy and germ free as possible every day. Make sure your partner takes precautions so that both of you can enjoy those smooches. Also don’t forget about your pet! When your beloved pet welcomes you home, slobbering your face with kisses, he is also gifting you his germs. Don’t forget to keep his/her mouth healthy too.

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