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The power of intention

Hello again, I hope you have started taking action on all the tips and knowledge that I have been pouring in these columns every week. This week I would like to highlight the Power of Intention. Firstly, let me give you the definition of the word ‘Intention’. It means ‘getting clear on what you want’. Yes! It is as simple as that. Sounds really easy. Doesn’t it? The problem is that when the analytical mind gets overdriven by the chemicals of stress, our thoughts create complex webs of conditions revolving around what we want. We think “I want this, but on this condition, so that it does not affect this person and I don’t want to lose that if this occurs and this is going to work for this”. Now that’s not intention, that’s trying to control everything in your life. The universe or the law of attraction does not work like that. Intention literally means you specifying what you want; say “I want a healing”, or “I want a new job” or “I want a new relationship”. To get clear in your intentions you need to ask yourself ‘What if’ questions. For example “what would it be like to be in a new relationship or to experience love”? The moment you ask that open ended question, the part of your brain called the frontal lobe, which is about 40 per cent of your brain and is also the creative centre as it has connections to all other parts of your brain, gets activated. The creative centre turns on and it looks out over the landscape of the entire brain and begins to call up different networks of neurons and information you have saved in your brain based on something you have learned intellectually or something you have experienced in your life and it seamlessly pieces them together to create a new idea and a new vision. When all these networks of neurons fire together in tandem you get a clear picture in your mind and that clear picture is called intention. The picture you have in your mind could be of finding love and you could represent it with a picture of what or who your ideal of love is. The next thing that happens is that you start to live that dream. It turns into a living motion picture and now you are in that imaginary place. What is actually happening is that you are rewiring your brain to live in the future. The beauty of this is that the brain does not know the difference between the actual event that takes place in your life and what you are imagining in your mind. This is called mental rehearsal of the future. Most people live their lives replaying their past. This leads to stress, frustration and depression. This wonderful technique gives you a map of the future taking away the focus from your past. You know this also as visualisation. Most people stop at this level. However, there is another level. What makes this intention come to life is combining it with an emotion. Your body is your unconscious mind; it doesn’t know the difference of an experience in your life that creates an emotion and an emotion that you are fabricating by thought alone. So what is happening is that your body as your unconscious mind is living in that future at the present moment. And you epigenetically start to change your cells in preparation for that event. So the trick is that that you don’t have to wait for your healing to feel healthy, you have to feel healthy for that healing to occur. You don’t have to wait for your new relationship to feel loved; you have to feel loved so that your relationship finds you. What we are practically doing is that we are switching the way we are conditioned to behave. Most people wait for something outside of them to change how they feel inside; this is called the cause and effect. That is the old model of reality. In the quantum model we are causing an effect, which means you are going to have to change how you think and feel before the experience occurs in order for the event to find you. Remember your personality creates your personal reality. Your personality is made of how you think, act and feel. Look at the emotions you have memorised that keep you anchored to the past and decide if those emotions belong in the future. Doing this requires a tremendous amount of awareness, which means you have to be conscious and pay attention to who you are being all the time. You can’t complain, blame and make excuses or go back to old habits and expect a new future to show up. You have to maintain that state for a period of time so that your body catches on. It takes a certain amount of repetition and will power to get there and I am happy to say that it is possible.

Until next week,
Stay positive, stay abundant

Umesh Pherwani

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