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The Power of Pen

Having just put my step into the world of media and having started reading well niched articles penned down by giants of other media houses and news made all around, I have realised the essence and the power of pen. The selection of words and the tone of writing make the whole difference. So much so that it can make the most unworthy story into a sensational one, and similarly can ruin the importance of a crucial story. Substantial read is a must for generating masterpieces later. So is the practise of considerate scribbling. It will give an opportunity to the writer to ponder over his/her composition and work it out over and over again to the point where the same article written down tells exactly what s/he is intended to. Many a times it happens that we might have intended to show a different perspective to some affair, but end up writing something different due to either a lack of acute vocabulary or muddled up concept, and once when out it gives altogether a different meaning to the ultimate readers of the stuff leading to repercussions in the society as a whole.

Then there are some ultra-sensitive topics which demand passive tones or needs to be handled with wit and unbiased sarcasm. At the end the mere job of media is to bring forward the news from corners of the world to the global platform and not to juice it up with unasked for never-mind kind of personal opinions. If the buyers bother to buy newspapers that too in the digital age then at least the print media must do justice to their loyal consumers by giving them chance to come to the conclusion for themselves instead of giving out the verdict to every other story ‘made-up’ by the overall media.

While for some, stories as sensitive as that of Mumbai-based Islamic preacher Naik were put on fore-front that too without intensive research, what the Indian media ended up doing is giving him free publicity for almost a whole week and making him famous among ones who once didn’t even know that anyone of such name existed on this planet, though the media’s attempt was to draw him completely a villain to the land he belongs to.

If the same trend continues, there are chances people might not even want get served in the out-dated newspapers used by roadside eateries. One must not even get surprised when the credibility of this high-ranked profession is criticised.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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