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The revival of print media

People might be saying that print media might be dying a slow death after the advent of television and internet. However, print media has transformed itself with changing times after the raise in FDI ceiling and also is witnessing good growth. After the liberalisation of the Indian economy there has been a tremendous change in people’s lifestyle and spending habits. Today everyone wants to look good and be in sync with the modern lifestyle. Youths are relying on print media to groom themselves and undergo a makeover.

Teenagers don’t have time to watch television hence they carry magazine along with them and read it for getting updated about the latest information. Nowadays many special theme based magazines are available in the market which only focuses on one subject. Youth mostly prefer health magazines for obtaining information about health and live a happy life. These magazines also offer vital tips to youth about how to look good, what to eat and how much to quantity of food to be consumed. Thus youth magazine has become very popular among youngsters.

Women are very conscious about every aspect right from their looks to the clothes they choose. They often subscribe to women’s magazine for getting tips about beauty, health, attire, cooking, parenting, grooming etc. Most of the shows are aired on television when women are working in the office hence they are unable to watch them. Hence they are reading women and lifestyle magazines for getting the latest knowledge. They can carry magazines along with them while commuting in buses and trains. Some of them subscribe to wedding magazines for getting information about the attire and jewellery to be worn during marriage.

Like magazine even newspapers provide in-depth analysis about various incidents happening across the country. A woman was reading a magazine while commuting in the train. I asked her from where do she get the news? She replied that she relied on print media like magazines, newspapers for getting the news. According to her, electronic media only provides the latest updates but print media provides comprehensive report of the news. Moreover, news gets repeated again and again on electronic media which can be big turn off for viewers. According to me, print media is not dying and has revived itself with changing times.

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