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Wednesday, December 6, 2023
HomeTop NewsThe satta-bazar predicts BJP’s landslide win in Gujarat

The satta-bazar predicts BJP’s landslide win in Gujarat

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Satta Bazar in Gujrat polls

The bookies of satta bazar have predicted the mega win for BJP in 2022 assembly elections in Gujarat.  The upcoming Gujarat elections, scheduled in two phases on December 1 and 5. Bookies are expecting nearly ₹40,000-50,000 crore businesses in the illegitimate market. Back in 2002, BJP had won 127 seats in the 182-seats State Assembly, under the leadership of the then Chief Minister Narendra Modi. This time BJP can win at least 120 seats.

Keval Jain a local voter said “BJP will come to the power only and only because of Modi. However, the fight would be fierce and exciting. Congress is not weak as it is shown in Gujarat. Congress is very strong in rural Gujarat regions and they have their loyal voters in Gujarat”.

Ketan Bhai Panchal a bookie said “The competition is tough, still some people are under impression that the Aam Aadmi party will succeed to power but this is PM Modi’s turf and BJP will not let things go from their hand so easily. AAP needs more homework and constant efforts to create their mark here”.

Prabhu Bhai Desai stated that “Unlike what media wants you to believe INC is not demolished completely in assembly level elections. The region in orange is mostly dominated by industrial hubs of Ahmedabad, Kutch (Bhuj), Vadodara, Surat which are more likely to vote for BJP. However Saurashtra region with considerable Patidar (patel) and regional population have predominantly voted for INC. With AAP making inroads in local body elections in Surat there is one way through which BJP might not get majority mark.”

AAP instead of pitching candidates in all constituencies should focus on north central and eastern belt where BJP dominates and be open to alliance with INC. This will break BJP votes while keeping INC dominance in the rest of the region the same. If somehow AAP comes to senses we might see it cutting BJP’s lead in the north central and eastern regions which are relatively safe hubs of Gujarat and pave way for regime change of regime.

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