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Inspection of schools thrice a year to improve education

School Inspection, State Education Department, thrice a year inspectionState Education Department has passed the ordinance that the schools in Mumbai and Maharashtra would be inspected thrice a year. For the academic year 2019-2020, the first visit is scheduled to be directed in November, followed by the second visit in December and January, and the third in February-March 2020. The State Education Department has titivated its scrutiny process to ensure better education and environment in schools across the state.

When Afternoon Voice contacted Alphonsa Suresh a teacher of Vidya Vikasini School (ICSE) on state education departments order to inspect the schools thrice in a year, she said, “I would like to extend my support and appreciation on the topics. However, I think it’s not necessary to inspect schools thrice in a year but once in a year strictly with standing instructions from the department to develop the quality of the educational system.”

If the school is under government or municipalities they should follow all the mandatory rules and regulations so that there will be equality and quality of education which can help to develop all over the state,” she added.

When asked how education and teaching standards can be improved in school she said, “Education department must impart training and workshops for teachers. Teachers and students bond with mutual respect, love, and care that can develop a child’s career. And once in a year, they should conduct a seminar for teachers and child’s parents will help to improve the quality.”

The department recently released a draft which stated. Schools have to fill their inspection details in the Unified District Information on School Education (UDISE) system. However, even when the inspection took place once every year, the data was not shown appropriately on UDISE in previous times. Every year, after the inspection, the authorities were not able to conduct a follow-up and the attempt to maintain the standards had worsened. Therefore, now the inspection would be held thrice a year which will ensure that the schools can implement the suggestions for improvement accordingly.

Borivali Municipal school’s teacher Madam Chaughule said, “Earlier also, the inspections used to happen but there was no follow up to ensure the lacunas to be addressed. Perhaps, that was the reason schools were never in promised conditions. If the inspection happens thrice a year, one can bring change. We are very happy with government ordinance.”

We tried to speak to former education minister, but he refused to comment stating, “This is not the right time to comment on anything, our government has already tried its best to ensure good education system, and if given a chance it will continue doing best towards schools in the state.”

Bano Sahim Khan, teacher of J. B Ludhani High School said, “The government can inspect school several times as there are no restrictions but if they are coming to examine just for the sake of doing their job, they shouldn’t. Whereas if they are doing for children then they should check the quality of teaching as well as and what outcome school is giving considering two very important things. Firstly, the achievement of the school and secondly, personal development of the child.”

She further stated, “Teaching standard of the school will improve by hiring professionally qualified teacher as it will help in the growth of students and development of school. Teachers should be aware of the new technology because it is very important today.

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