Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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The WhatsApp Revolution

Whatsapp has become the buzz word today as everyone right from the common man to the top-notch businessmen and corporate executives are using it. Today, if you see several people belonging to various walks of life like housewives, college going youth, senior citizens, handicapped persons, office goers is using Whatsapp. Even vegetable vendors, security personnel, milk man, newspaper distributor etc are using this application.

The Whatsapp revolution has brought a great change in our country. It has created a knowledge hub for everyone who is using this with plenty of jokes, knowledge update, creativity, photos of events amongst friends and family, any urgent notice to be forwarded to a group of people, birthday wishes, marriage anniversary etc. It has become a platform to convey message instantly within seconds to those persons to whom the message has been forwarded.

It has become more and more popular among the professionals like Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants and Lawyers who are also using this application for developing their business and interact with clients. Professionals share knowledge amongst their peers to update the day to day happenings, notification and amendments that will take place in the Ministry which can be forwarded to everyone.

The popularity of social media and instant messaging has made email, letter writing, post card, telegram defunct. This revolution has completely taken over the erstwhile form of communication.

Whatsapp has become a boon for all the persons to be aware about the happenings in their vicinity and around the world. Whenever we require any information like a person’s mobile number, his name, whereabouts we can easily locate them by having a glance at the person’s profile. People also have formed groups to convey a message which can be forwarded to 25 to 30 persons at a stretch. It also can be used for inviting people on occasions like marriage, pooja etc. This application has become one of the greatest and fastest mode of communication. Nowadays everyone is hooked to this application and is deriving benefit out of it. In coming future, the voice messaging function is going to improve and will surely change the way people send messages to their relatives and friends.

Murugesh Iyer

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