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Think twice before bringing a pet home

Recently scientists have proved that dogs can understand human beings. By placing dogs in an MRI scanner, researchers from Hungary have found that the canine brain reacts to voices in the same manner that the human brain does.  Many people had misconceptions that dogs are merely animals and do not posses mental capacity like human beings. People also consider them inferior as they don’t talk or convey messages like humans?

It’s not their fault as they do convey message and emotions through sign languages. All of us are aware that dogs are happy when they wag their tail. When they feel low they are unwell or lazy but that’s not the only aspect we should be knowing. Have you ever tried to communicate with your dogs? Try and speak to them. If you’re too emotional and low try and communicate them about the entire feelings you are undergoing. They might not react in the manner in which you expect them to. But they might lick you to make you calm and feel special.

If you are pleased then dance along with them they might make your ears bleed by barking loud and running inside the home, pulling clothes and breaking household items. They indulge in these acts not because you are playing with them but because they are aware that you are happy.

They rely on us no matter what kind of persons we are because we never allowed dogs cohabit in their own community or race just like lions, tigers, bears, deer’s, panda, zebra do so. There are many other animals besides dogs which are harmless but we do not want them. On the other hand, cats are not trustworthy.

Why should they undergo training? We impart training to them for making our lives easier but they doesn’t derive any benefit out of it and instead become our slaves. We teach them how to attack a person with malicious intentions. Actually there is no need to offer such kind of training as they know who should be attacked and who to be spared. Once they become aware about this they become more cautious in the future. And it’s true and any owner could try this trick at home.

When my friend’s mother was hitting her dog it immediately started barking and tried to jump on her. Her mother became worried as their pet never behaved in this manner.

In the month of February, I came across a news published in a reputed tabloid where A German shepherd and a Labrador were locked in a flat in Nallasopara with little food or water. Later they were rescued on Monday.

It was one of the saddening news. If you cannot take care of pets then don’t bring them at home and torture them. Think twice before bringing a pet home as it not easy to take care of them. It’s similar to taking care of toddlers no matter how old they grow. The difference is they cannot speak and let us know how they feel. If you are mentally and financially prepared then I suggest you should nurture a pet as life is incomplete without them.

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