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Time to compensate for huge loss in environment

Innovation makes it possible to produce various new products, but it lags behind in finding out ways to make environment friendly products as we see the amount of trash is increasing. Let us think on the lines of making products like edible cones used in cone ice cream, where cone along with ice cream can be consumed, unlike ice cream served in cups with plastic spoon, which litters the road. Let us all contribute towards the environment and have a Happy World Environment Day.

By the next 10 years, Earth will become 4 degrees hotter than it is now.  Himalayan glaciers are melting at a rapid rate, so all of us lend our hand to fight global warming. The only remedy left is to plant more trees and it must be our priority not to waste. Burning of plastics should be totally prevented to avoid air pollution. It is time to adopt one tree as per the request of NMMC. In the past, a number of trees were cut in the name of development and it is time for us to plant more trees to compensate the huge loss of trees in the city environment.

Trees clean the air we breathe and that gives us disease free life. Our youngsters need to breathe fresh air and morning walk provides the best atmosphere for the same. One tree can alone absorb 22 kgs of Carbon dioxide in a year. So to avail that benefit we should allow the tree to exist and we can reap the benefit of it throughout the year and year after year. Trees were destroyed to make paper cups. Instead of going in for paper cups make it compulsory to use reusable mug. Every day a tree is supplying oxygen for up to four people and that is a great relief for congested cities like Mumbai/Navi Mumbai.

Prevention is better than cure applies to pollution as well. We should have clear thinking.

1. Air pollution can be combated by way very careful planning and location of industries, better designing of plant equipment, machinery and proper operation.

2. Control of automobile emissions to be developed.

3. To limit Global warming to the minimum extent, new methods of harnessing renewable energy resources such as wind, solar and ocean currents have to be adopted.

4. A crusade to protect the ozone layer from further depletion to be launched.

5. We have to develop bio degradable pesticides, educate farmers to use selective and relatively safe chemicals.

6. To fight water pollution, effluent treatment systems to be incorporated as an integral part of the Industry.

NMMC’s initiative to give wide publicity for planting trees in the satellite city is laudable. Planet earth is the sole planet that supports life. The survival of the species is made possible by a balanced environment on earth. Man has made great scientific advancement, albeit, at the cost of our environment. The main cause for environmental degradation is pollution. Toxic substance released by industries pollutes the air and contaminates water, causing hazardous diseases in human and animals.

So, here is how we can save ourselves:

1. Plant Trees

2. Ensure better planning and location of Industries

3. Put in place automobile emission controls

4. Educate farmers to use bio-degradable pesticides and safe chemicals.


Plastic bags play a negative role in chocking the drainage system. Reuse old polythene bags. Make sure you do not burn polythene bags as they cause a lot of pollution.

We can save Planet earth from dying and that is the message for the World Environment day.

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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